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United Kingdom
My name is Hannah and I am 21 from Manchester in the UK.
Spiritual experiences are a part of everyday life - it shows that we are intouch with ourselves and we are aware of things that are happening around us.
I think everyone has the ability to see further than what meets the eye.
There's a theory that we only use a small percent of our brains and that if we had the ability to use it all - just think what we could be capable of?
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A Race With Death on 2009-06-26

When my bother-in-law was 16 he became quite poorly and was rushed into hospital where tests were shown that he had Meningitis. He was poorly for quite some time. Within minutes of turning up in Casualty he became worse as the doctors tried to find out what was wrong. My other brother-in-law and the...

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Date: 2009-07-24
Thank you for your comment 😊 and also for agreeing with my theory.
Hanbobs x
just leaving another comment - didn't realise I wasn't logged in when I sent you my last message...
You should now be able to click on my name to read my story if you like... 😊
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