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The Touch from God on 2009-06-23

It all began two weeks ago; I received a call from my mother that my best friend, John had been hit by a car and died instantly. At first it didn't really sink in, I acknowledged my mothers' phone call and said thanks for letting me know. In time it really began to sink in, I was deeply troubled by ...

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Hi Bayareashrink;
Your experience seems so similar to mine! The overwhelming feeling that all surrounding me was beautiful, the insights, the feeling of being a small part of the universe but, at the same time so connected to everyone and everything! The feeling lasted a little longer for me, slowly fading over the next few days but at times coming back at full force.

I have been slowly drifting away from my type A personality traits and this experience helped a lot.

I feel now that I'm on a journey of discovery, to discover who I really am. But not in terms society would understand, a more spiritual discovery. It may take the rest of my life but, that's ok now and wouldn't have been prior to my experience.

Date: 2009-08-17
Hi Leslie;
The most remarkable thing about my experience is that I didn't ask for it, it was freely given. Perhaps as I alluded to in my story, my recently departed friend had a hand in the delivery. I have my suspcions that John was involved, almost as though I could feel his presence behind the other that touched me. Perhaps John kept that touch from everwhelming me and that's what was required in my case, someone to provide a personal touch from my life so I would listen and could handle what was given and also what was taken away.

All I can tell you is my mind was very open and relaxed at the time of the "touch."

Have you been touched? Or, are you hoping to be?

Date: 2009-08-11
Hi dylancasey;
Stories like yours remind us that we are not alone in this world, we share it with many other forms of life and some times I think the connections are closer than we realize. Obviously the bird found a kindered soul in you, makes you wonder if the bird gained as much as it gave? I also think stories such as yours confirm a higher power is at work in our lives, whatever form you believe it to be.
Date: 2009-08-05
Hi All;
Been away on vacation for a bit, just getting back.
Robert: I never realized how close I was to John until he was truly gone. I'm still not exactly sure why I'm here but feel that I need to help and connect with others more. I do feel as though I have some purpose in life but the person measuring my successes has a different set of criteria than I do.
Selena; I think you are correct in stating men are more reluctant to share such feelings but that was part of the "gift" I feel an overwhelming compulsion to share my experience.
Dylancasey; Very well put my friend! I feel and always have felt that I am a simple man that sees life from a simplistic point of view, I take complicated concepts and break them to simple components. Then put them back together, thus I see them as simple. It's one of my gifts I've always had but took years to realize.

Thanks for the wonderfull comments all;

Date: 2009-08-05
Hi Blake1122;

Thanks for sharing your experience!

I understand what you mean about wanting to experience that feel again, there's nothing else that compares!

Perhaps you were in the right state of mind to become connected to whatever energy this person was "emitting?" Did you ever meet this person again? Did this experience have any long term effect on you?

Since my recent experience, I've tried to get in touch with this feeling again and have had some success. If I concentrate on a loving and peacefull state of mind, I seem to be able to bring some of it back but, not to the level I first experienced. I'm starting to wonder if some form of meditation may be the key to reaching that "feeling" again.

I hope you find that "feeling" again and realize that others are going through similar experiences.

Hi Jen;

Thanks for the "we are not crazy" statement!

Have you had any similar expoeriences since the first one? How do you feel that this has changed you? Where do you think the feeling came from?

Date: 2009-07-15
Hi Laura;

Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

I was hesitant to share my story at first but now, I'm glad I did.

Date: 2009-07-10
Hi Martin;
It's funny, after experiencing all this, I'm looking back at my life histroy and re-interpreting everything. I now have a different opionin of the events of my life and what I learned and gained from them.

As far as the "why me" I will never give up on finding the answer, it's one of my compulsions to find out the whys about everything in life. Now I just don't seem to get angry about the answers and or lack there of. But I will keep asking myself for ever.

As far as my experience being temporary, I don't think so. I feel different and although the overwhelming sense of joy and peace did not last, I am forever changed and continue to change.

It will be interesting to look back at things in a year or so to see the difference.

Date: 2009-07-10
Hi Yoda;
Oh I felt it alright! I felt as though I was glowing/emminating some form of energy and it was very overwhelming! It has worn off but I feel as though I can reconnect a little when I need it. I think my connection with nature is my key to establishing that feeling again.

Thanks for the suggestions on reading the bible,tora,koran.

Date: 2009-07-07
Hi Martin;

Well, it's been almost three weeks since the "touch" and although it's kind of worn off I'm definetly still different. My whole outlook on life and people in genreal is different, I just can't be angry at them for things they do, frustrated but not angry. I seem to immediatly see others point of view and why they do things.

I have been doing a lot of soul searching and have come to the realization that I've always been different, able to walk through nature and not disturb animals as much as others. Kinda like I'm more part of it. I feel like I'm becoming more in touch with humans too as I've always been with nature.

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