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I am a former Baptist Pastor, chronicling my spiritual journey from Christian Fundamentalism to a blend of Christian mysticism, Taoism, and Zen.

Drop by my blog. We'll hang out and have a few laughs.
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Theology And Metaphor: Reaching For The Unreachable on 2009-06-02

Some things are just beyond words. The irony of my article is not lost on me. Here I am, trying to put into words my spiritual experience, and words simply do not suffice. Words, themselves, are metaphors. When I write "tree," you know what I'm talking about, but the word "tree" is not a tree. In...

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Hi Gel,
I appreciate your comments. We grow up with a lifetime of attachment programming and it is difficult to lose. Re-programming ourselves is a life long pursuit and I wish you well on your's.
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