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Angelic Reflection In The Television on 2009-05-10

As a young child of maybe six seven years old, I never quite felt close to the spiritual world, most likely because it is near impossible for a child of that age to wrap their mind around something so unreal, so mysterious, so large and if I am not mistaken, children have other things to wrap their ...

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Dear guest-01,
I'm glad to see others who also have knowledge of angels and the spiritual world. I haven't literally "seen" the angel for some time now, but I do sometimes communicate with her through basic yes or no questions. At night I will ask a simple yes or no question, and ask for the answer "yes" to appear in the form of, say, a white feather, and "no" to appear in a black feather. The next day, usually on my walk to school, sure enough I find a feather. Simple symbolic communication is what I call it.
Dear Martin,
Thank you for your comments and compliments. I appreciate you looking beyond my age and taking time to think about my story:) Also, a career in Philosophy is something I will take into consideration. 😳
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