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peter baran
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United States
born 1938... Studied chemistry... Worked in various fields... For the last 30 years food service manager.
Had the first OBE 35 years ago. Many since then.
Since having experiences am a member of Eckankar
(finding it was an experience in itself).
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What A Dog Taught Me on 2009-05-10

I had rented a small 2nd floor apartment from a lady who lived below with her teen daughter and a quite older Boston Terrier dog. I used to visit often, and became friends with the dog. It had several traits: such as playing with a small rubber ball by shooting out of its mouth against the wall, the...

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Date: 2009-06-17
When people are going through difficult times and ask for help they usually get a reply or sign. You might try again and communicate when it happens.
Hi Linda: Your story is unusual. I've heard of several stories like yours when people are put into a deep hypnosis. The experiences that you mention can happen when you are able to put yourself in that mode. My first OBE was similar. I saw my body in bed and said to myself "here I am on the ceiling, my body is in bed. I must have died. But I'm not ready to die yet." Then dove back into my body. Now the adventure of a lifetime is available... If you want it.
There are lots of experiences here re: this story and comments.
The energy spoken of is a spiritual awakening. Lots of information on these feelings can be found in Kundalini Yoga (which I do not recommend practicing unless there is an experienced teacher... A true master).
Regarding feeling the feet upwards, to me this indicates a yogic posture from a past life... Maybe when you achieved an awakening.
Being able to see 360 degrees means that you were looking from your crown chakra or higher.
When you leave your body there are beings that are helpers (call them by whatever name you wish). To some people they appear to be angels because of their ethereal appearance (having wings). The mind interprets this as you return.
You will have these beings close by as long as you are not on drugs or alcohol.
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