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The Mandala Painting on 2007-10-11

I live in Ireland, so does my family. I'm really in tuned with the art of Mandala. A Mandala is an art of design to be spiritually in tuned with the earths spirits. I am accustomed to them. In one of my meditations I had a spiritual experience, which I would like to share. As I was in my house me...

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Date: 2007-10-11
Heres a song:
God rest ye merry gentleman,
that nothing you dismay,
for jesus christ our savior
was born on christmas day,

oh tideings of comfert and joy! 😆 ❤
Date: 2007-10-11
Hey, Mark. Sorry about your wife Karen. When people die, they go to heaven. Heaven is wounderful. Their happy their. About those two men, well, they probably where gaurdian angles for you. Its not a bad thing. I've had simmiler experiances. Too many to count. I'm from Ireland. Hope your doing well.
PS, don't grudge yourself on your wife's death.
PEACE, LOVE, be with you. Allie
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