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Exit Stage Left on 2009-04-03

My Mom was dying of cancer. My beautiful, vivacious and wonderful Mom who never hurt anyone and whom everyone loved... And I was kind of mad at God about it and had asked him before to please heal her and then Why is this Happening? The end was near and my poor Mom hung on to life so tenaciously. ...

The Abyss on 2009-04-03

When I was in my late 20's I was married to a good man but I was not good. I got bored and I had several affairs. At one point I was having an affair with a man I worked with and I liked him a lot and thought I wanted to be with him permanently instead of my husband. I tried to justify what I was do...

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That was a great experience! It definitely gives one hope for a future in the afterlife. You are lucky for having had a glimpse of Heaven!
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