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A Visit From Jesus and its Repercussions on 2007-09-30

The Story I am about to tell has been met with much disbelief and although it happened in 1986 and I have told the story many places even my closest associates find it hard to believe. It was May 9, 1986 when I awakened from a sound sleep one morning to see Jesus walking towards my bed. He had long ...

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To Abby:
I thought your post was great and I am always happy to share the things I have learned not only from the guides but to tell about all my experiences both good and bad that I have had because I believe knowledge is the answer.

Over the years I have told my story on in a post I started about Spirit Possessions and in the post I got into about everything that has happened to me since l985 when I first made contact with three of my Relatives in the Spirit World and a man I knew when he walked the Earth.
On that Site and on Ghost-Mysteries I write under the name Rosemary.

After that I prayed for my guides to help me with these four and everything else began to happen and there are good and bad things in my years of experience and I am still looking for the answers.

The Unexplained threat I started went on for almost fourty pages and I told my story and others responded and it got so heated that the Moderator finally not only closed the thread but barred me from the site.

I continued to write in my aol journal which I finally had to close and write in it only privately because of the vicious responses which led to several starting a blogspot set up to attack and discredit me and I finally got that closed down.
I continued to write in my journal but then my realtives who didn't want me to write about our relatives caused me so much trouble I went private on that and its still private where I write about everything on a daily basis.

I then went to http:/ where people are invited to tell about their experiences with the Paranormal and I thought I could help teach them things but they only want to hear the good things.

The thread I began there is:
"Do You Believe In Spirit Possessions?" after a time and much argument back and fourth that was closed after about 29 pages.
But I am still allowed to write there.

When someone who is getting stories published on many websites gave me this Site Address, and several others I decided to come on here and post a story here and the possession story and some of the personal things about how this all began with my relatives and Dr. P. Were posted there and I have tried to mesh the two into a continuing story about how it all began and the good things I have learned from the Guides and how my Three Relatives and Dr. P. Who appear to be jealous of the things I could get from the Guides decided to do nothing but cause trouble and then they decided to enter my body and try to prove once and for all whether a higher power can force them out.

Our problem with them seems to be that in Ruth Montgomeries books she writes when Evil Spirits become so Evil they can't be rehabilitated they are destroyed as Evil Spirits.

When they wouldn't get out one of the Guides told them if they are inside my body when it dies they will be destroyed when they crawl out of my dead body and it that is what happens then of course I won't be here on the Computer to reveal to the World what really happens when they leave so in the meantime I am trying each day to appeal to them as my former realtives and a former friend tos top doing the experimental Demons and walk out and challenge the Guide who threatened them and force him to prove once and for all that he has this power and if not then they need to straighten up and accept either that he can or can do what he says.

The things they are doing now is not proving anything for Research as far as what actually happens to spirits like them who do this to humans.

I might point ut that although these four can do painful things to me and interferre with my life I am no longer terrified of them the way I was in the beginning for now I know the tables have been turned and they are the ones too frightened to leave my body after what they have done.

I am being completely honest in everything I write and I wish only to exchange experiences and let whatever I learn or whatever I experience be only to further Paranormal Research and prove once and for all that the Soul Survives Death.
Date: 2007-10-03
I think you are just beginning to discover a Psychic gift and sometimes people do suspect these things are not true but I think as time goes on and people become better educated about the Paranormal they will be more open minded and more accepting and in the future perhaps Mediums and Psychic Channells will not be treated with such disrespect as they are in some places.

Keep in mind two other Psychic Channels for Spirit Jesus and Joan of Ark and while they were not treated well when they tried to tell the world about their experiences things are slowly changing now and they can only become better as time goes on and scientists and others began to explore the truth of these things.

There is Life after Death where we all go one day and in the meantime there are great minds in the Universe who want to channel their good ideas through those lucky enough to have this Gift
Date: 2007-10-03
I think its a wonderful believable story and although I just read your story which you wrote in August only a short time ago I wrote a story about a Visit from Jesus on May 9, l986 and some of the things that have happened to me over the years as I tried to tell my story to the World.

I have only gotten started since I am still writing with the Guides who channel to Earth through me and others.
I'm sorry you feel that way but its exactly what happened.
I believe Jesus would appear to any of us in a way he expected we believe he looks and in my case he no doubt decided to appear like that.

But even as I say that I was told by the Guides that Mary Jesus Mother was of European lineage and her ancestors had traveled to the holy land at an earlier time and that she was fair haired and blue eyed.

As for the Commercial that was not meant to be a commercial what I was writing about was a Baking mix the guides put together which was to be more fortified than the ones we had on the market at the time and its meant to be the Staff of Life as Bread was said to be in the Bible.

My Story was not preach but to tell the World there is Life after Death just as Jesus said and I wanted the World to know that many people can have this Psychic Gift and the Guides will want to channel information through them which will benefit mankind.

And of course the message is also that the Guides put this flour blend together and had me send it off to various bakeries and they all did their spin on it and now the shelves of our supermarket are filled with all these wonderful better for you breads and I believe the Guides and their ideas revolutionized the Baking Industry.

All to prove that although we die we are not dead but we can find channels like me and others and keep right on sharing our ideas and creativity with the world to continue to help mankind.
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