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My Cat Guardian Angel on 2009-03-19

I strongly believe that my cat up in heaven is my guardian angel. He was born in a box in my wardrobe, he was an only kitten in that litter. I always felt sorry for him because he would cry and cry as he had no other kittens to snuggle up with when his mother was gone. So I'd put him with me in my b...

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Date: 2009-04-27
Well I have received my answer, and it is *exactly* what I had predicted/interpreted from my sighting.

I've just found out that I have in fact conceived another baby:) Not only that, we conceived exactly one year to the day of the loss of my baby. I track my fertility and we only had 'one go at it' so to speak, on this day.

I am really amazed and in awe that this has actually happened after my prediction. I know now for sure that our baby is coming back to us. I thank God for giving us another chance.
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