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Alexandra Smith
United Kingdom
I am a 13 year old with many dealings with angels. I don't really understand what happens to me, but I see alot. Maybe even more than I'm supposed to. Visions are part of my daily regime and I know too much.

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Angel's Daughter on 2009-03-12

To start off with, I really don't know that much about angels. I've always felt really connected to them, especially archangel Michael. Michael is a family name, so he feels very close to me since both my grandfather and uncle are named Michael. When I go to sleep I ask Michael to give me courage an...

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I've had dreams like this. Often they are of times when I am in danger and Jesus saves me. I've never had one on a Holy Day though. You're lucky!

Date: 2009-03-13
I've never gotten a package directly from an angel, but I feel like some things were sent to me because they wanted it to happen. I've never heard of anything like what you experienced.

That's interesting. I always thought Jesus was serious, like you said many people do. You are lucky to have been saved by him. I've dealt with many demons and I always pray to God to help me.

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