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Recovery From Self on 2009-03-18

Today I will talk about my recovery in faith and love through Christ my Lord. For so long I felt a hole in my heart. One that I tried to fill with many worldly things. Men, drugs, shopping, whatever made a temporary happiness. I was 18-20 when I first fell to drug abuse. I mean fell to the ugly dept...

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Thank you for sharing this story. I have done some research in the last few months about spiritual awareness and have found what you are describing to be your own personal expansion into a higher spiritual state.:) It can be very scary, but learning to go with the flow of it is enlightening. I guess we are getting prepared for something that needs to happen for us to be aware that we are loved and that we need strong faith. Faith that anything can happen for us. If we are believing in The Lord. Our minds have been wired to believe whatever has been fed to us. At some point, those of us that experience these delight-ful yet unexplainable events, need to realize that not all is what it appears to be. There are so many ways at obtaining spiritual guidence, and at times without us fully accknowleging that we need them it comes full force. Your experience is awesome and blessed! Just know that you are on a spiritual journey now, and things will happen that you never knew could. A whole new world is opening up to you. One that many people don't even know exsist! Its having that personal relationship and believing and trusting in God that we are indeed his children, and he has an army of helpers to bring us ever so closer to him, so that we can feel a tenth of the love he has to give us. I believe our souls know what is going on, yet our ego's are so brain-washed that we can't let go and let God. That is what he wants us to do. Have Faith in all things through HIM! God Bless!
I too have dreams of the world ending. I have for many years now. Each has been different. One I was to round up believers in Christ and blend in to all the evil left roaming the town trying to destroy everyone. I had to be clever and come up with weapons that were everyday items so not to attract attention to what I was doing.
The next was at a house I haven't yet lived in. I noticed the sky turning purple and people I did not know were wanting to come in. They were bad. I did not let them in. Then in front of the house was a large river, and in it was a 3 headed (or more) beast gliding through the water ready to attack... Then the stars began to fall from the sky... I woke up sometime after that.

My most recent dream was around the same time as yours. And I don't remember much. My children were with me, and I was really worried for us all, because I knew that my job was to fight the evil.

I have went through a spiritual transformation recently and I wonder If I'm not fighting the evil forces at work in my life trying to trip me up and pull me away from God.
I don't know. I just wanted to share, because Its crazy to have those dreams and wonder if your the only one! I sooo know how you feel! Thanks for the details. Maybe I'll post some of mine sometime
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