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The Warriors Path on 2009-03-04

Ever since I was a small boy I was filled with a sense of mystery. Fleeting impressions that if I could only remember, I would understand but that would have to wait. As a young adult I had quickly grown unhappy with the role I was playing in life so I began searching for a remedy to a strange l...

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Date: 2009-03-19
Hi Mel,

Its hard to talk about the Warriors path in detail since it is such a vast matter. I can say a few words which may give you an idea of what this path entails.

Some paths in life wind this way, some that way. In the end what can we have to gain by walking any path in particular but a quality of life and life experiences.

The Warriors path is a path of learning. Learning about the nature of man. Learning how what we believe shapes our perception. A Warrior is always fighting to be immpeccable. This means to do his best according to all available knowledge. The many challenges life brings actually become battles of power.

Taking responsibility for his inner world, the lucky Warrior embarks on the jouney of a life time, gaining real insight and finding ever deeper meaning along the way in the quest for knowledge.

Its hard to say much more about the Warriors way without getting side tracked, other than to say, for those who are truly willing, the Warriors path may provide the kind of answers a free spirit may be looking for.
I find that dreams, because they are irrational knowledge can seem like nonsense if we try to think rationaly about them, but the important thing about that being that all feelings are irrational so if we are aware of our irrational feelings we can get more of an idea about the message of a particular dream by the general feeling we have about it. I thought that your dream was beautiful. This is my first comment on this site. I look forward to reading more posts and perhaps sharing some of my experiences. Hi to all 😁
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