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Psychic Messages In Arabic on 2009-02-25

Actually I have so many information which made me thinking from where I begin. I am a specialist psychiatrist living in Alexandria, Egypt, married and have two sons and one daughter, I think that I will start with the first time I heard about coincidences to be part of psychic experiences, this was ...

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Hello Emily;
Alaikum alsalam
I will start with what you called to be thought insertion, then you said that you heard voice of a woman, I think that I have to clarify that what I had was neither thought insertion (which is a psychiatric term describing a disturbed thought process) nor heard some voice (which could be interpreted by another psychiatric term, auditory hallucination).
However some people might hear or see different things in their house which you think that it is haunted, I heard many stories like this which proved to be real experiences especially when confirmed by others who live in the same house.
We moslims believe in the presence of jinn as mentioned in Koran several times, and this could be another explanation to your experience, and I saw a number of persons who had problems with jinn and the only available treatment is listening to Koran, from a person or cassette or you read it yourself on frequent basis. I think the first step for you is to ask whoever lives with you in the house, did anybody heard or saw anything while there is nobody around? And do they have the same thought that the house is haunted?
Considering the presence of the name of Allah in your right eye and right hand, this is really interesting thing as you described it, and did you show this to others?
Please go to aya number 53 in surat Fussilat, which is talking about the ways of the Lord to guide people, and one of those ways is to show to people signs in themselves to prove the truth for them, so you may be one of the right guided.
Consedering the arabic numbers in your left hand, I think that this is quite normal for many people.
Last but not least writing and dreaming in arabic while you speak english only is very interesting and I did not meet anybody with simillar experienc, please tell me more about that, especially how you were feeling at those times and what did you write?
My E mail is ahmedhassen [at]
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