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Spirit Guides And Becoming A Medium 2 on 2009-02-17

Firstly, thank you for the assistance that I have already received from a reader. I will certainly follow-up on their advice about staying healthy in my aura. As an update I am feeling a lot better, this is mainly due to having recently signed up for a correspondence course in advanced tarot reading...

Spirit Guides And Becoming A Medium on 2009-02-11

I have been running a successful business for some time now, with little thought for religion or the spiritual realm. Several years ago my beloved grandmother died and I read Allison Dubois' first book for comfort and did nothing more in that regard until very recently. A few months ago, I began ...

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As an update, through further questioning through my tarot cards, I now believe the entity communicating with me is actually the Archangel of Air or Thought, who has clearly indicated to me that they are my teacher and is of neither male nor female gender. I searched the web on this archangel and his name is believed to be Raphael. Has anyone else had experiences with archangels? I really thought my communicator were my spirit guides, but apparently this is now not correct. This entity is very authoratative and is definitely calling the shots, which I don't think spirit guides can do with their charges.

Hi, this is Phoebe. Thankyou both for your comments.

I have since faired better sleepwise because I have registered for a correspondence course with the Spiritual Institute of Australia, which teaches me about developing the 5 senses through tarot. I have been consistently been consulting the tarot as events have been unfolding and now have absolutely no doubt either that I am being driven by divine intervention, which is extremely direct I might add! However, I accept it and know that I will have a better life because of it. Beautiful Day - your direction is thought provoking and practical - thankyou.
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