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Spiritual Energy on 2009-02-11

It was Feb. 08 2009 I called my friend A and then she changed my life. The other night I was kind of lonely and decided to call my friend A. (I won't say her name because she doesn't want people to know her name) before this, I had been texting her all day and asking her questions, like what color m...

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Date: 2009-03-02
WELL knowing you it can't be anyone else but jesus -.- lol
Vagabond your the most interesting 70 year old person I know =] and well yeah its kind of scary but I don't know not anymore I don't really mess with it unless A is around. And your color is really easy to guess black=pain white=death deep red=love passonate there are a lot more baby blue= calm
sorry... Whole god jesus... Holy ghost... I don't know... Following a book just isn't me... Ull find I'm very smart and I can put up a good arguement when it comes to god... But the thing is... I ARGUE WITH MYSELF ABOUT IT... -.- ha
ha I'm only 15 =] ill worry about that laterrrr. I'm just happy to be alive and have this new profound power I have been shown. I still don't know about got. But maybe ill get a sign or maybe aubrey was my sign who knows?
Date: 2009-02-11
When I try to gain my spiritual power over alone I can not do it without freaking out. When I meditate I see shadows and changing shapeds
I am only 15 also I thought you might like to know. I am trying to contact my mentor but she is waiting on her bf... And is kind of immature at times... Ha I'm really scared of her though because she is a black belt and made me have a bloody nose because I made fun of her... -.- without touching me
Date: 2009-02-11
I think I came close to expericncing this too. Last night while I attempted to meditate for the first time... The real world started to swirl and I beganseeing figures and shapes around me... I don't know what it was but I don't believe it was hell.
Date: 2009-02-11
Omg That is truely a very touching story. It makes me think of cancer paitiancte and maybe if they just believe that they can come throught it and that god... Or something out there cares is going to help them they will be saved
Date: 2009-02-11
thats so amazing... I wish I could hold such an experince. I wana be able to share my small expericane with so many but I guess it doesn't compare. =/
i don't know what to believe in I'm searching for answers right now. No one understands me except for the girl who opened my mind. I used to be a lil **** and disrespectful and say... "there is no such thing as god... Blah...blah...blah" but I was blind... I just don't know but feeling another humans spirit and that I can leave my own body was life changing... Now I just want answers
oh and I was also wondering if we could talk about god and other things I don't know what I believe in. I don't understand if god is there or why I was shown how to astral project myself. (ha even thou I'm not that good at it and I'm still mostly in my body when I do get some of my energy to leave) but you seem like a very nice and very spiritual person I would enjoy talking to you very much
hi the only expericne I have gotten is between me and my spiritual mentor... Even thou she ignored me all day cause I made her stay up with me agian last night. I could sense her around at school and even in second hour when I got near her I felt much much better then I did before. I don't know if this is good or evil but you have made me think about it now. Thank you very much.
i am looking for people called searchers... Please my mentor is meditating and I have so many questions
Hi, I can't have full outer body experiences yet, but I have been able to send some spirit energy to my spirit mentor - a girl I know who ripped me from reality- I just saw your story and the experince you have is very diff then what I felt =/ I'm looking for searchers if anyone is please contact me.
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