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Carla is a writer, photographer, boat captain, and way shower. Through her experiences with the forces of nature and universal truth she offers a unique interpretation of the changing world and exciting times we live in.

As a child she learned the characteristics of the plants and animals surrounding her in acres of woods and wildlife. These were coupled at an early age with the teachings of Edgar Cayce: The Sleeping Prophet. The Native understanding of "The Sacred Hoop" coupled with the seer and words from the Akash became her spiritual foundation. She has spent her entire life in the exploration of the esoteric and appreciation of Mother Nature.

Through writing, photography, and assemblage art Carla has found a truly remarkable way to express her wonderment of life and share it with you. Yet, it is through meeting her one comes to feel lifted above the mundane. Her embracing eyes, warm smile, and resplendent heart are a welcome buoy in these times of great change. She is a messenger of Spirit. Through automatic writing and direct voice channeling she offers useful guidelines for embracing the personal shifts and planetary changes of our time.

Her lectures and workshops place you on a journey of self discovery and provide the opportunity to realize your true essence as a creator. She is currently working on her first book, Dead Reckoning: Navigating the Divine, due to be published in 2009.
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What's Up With Ascension: Creation's View on 2009-02-06

After numerous conversations with cohorts about the Enlightenment of a Soul, and others who still use the expression ESP, I asked specially for information regarding Ascension - the human & planetary relationship of ascension. The channel [posted below] offered up a very straight forward explanat...

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Hi phonix_fade, I have been away from internet for a few weeks so just now reading your comments.

I see by your profile that you are learning to meditate and have assistance from another human in experiencing the waves of Love which are your divine essence. Looks like you are on the edge of something wonderful!

I'm happy to answer whatever questions I can. You can reach me via email - strandstroll [at]

All the best~
Hi Vagabondfaith, I've been away from internet for a few weeks so am just now seeing your comments.

Let me begin by saying that the language used is based on certain assumptions of knowledge...1) you are more than a body - an aspect of the divine, 2) We are all connected to each other and all of creation, 3) The Earth is a living sentient being - and knows your name. Unless you are aware of these as your personal truth then it will be difficult to understand the implications of my messages and the uniqueness of ascension.

Essentially, many souls are incarnate on Earth at this time to create and experience Heaven in form. Which means you must be able to carry the energy of heaven with you each breath and step as you walk through life.

I see by your profile that you are immersed in an organized religion - one which tells you that you (all people) are not OF god (the original creator source energy), that you are separate from god, and that you cannot establish direct contact with god - except by going through another human... Preferably a holy man within that particular faith.

Ascension is the personal process through which you come to experience, and therefore KNOW, you are an expression of god - divine energy is in every cell of your being, you always have direct connection with the Divine All That Is - even though you may not be aware of it, and heaven holds no judgement on anything, or anyone. It is the remembering of your essence - that aspect of you who IS eternal and infinite.

All of creation is energy in motion - resonance / vibration. The Earth is changing its vibrational relationship within the universe. You, by virtue of being here on Earth at this time, have the opportunity to change your vibration to that of of unconditional love - to create and experience heaven on earth.

I hope this helps explain things a bit more clearly. Again, it helps to have a basic understanding of yourself as an essence choosing to periodically visit this earth realm. Who is the "you" that knows who you are without the labels of a body, a job, and the roles you play out? Who is the "you" that dreams while you sleep at night? Who is the "you" that knows life is greater than your imagination? THAT is the you worth getting in touch with.

I suggest the movie What the Bleep... As a way of understanding the scientific evidence now available to explain the supernatural. It may help you see that life is much more than you observe, and the possibilities are infinite.

All the best~
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