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I'm new to this study of astral projecting and spirit guides. With help from this website, I hope to satisfy my hunger for learning about the spiritual realm, communicating with my spirit guide better, successfully astral projecting, and much, much more!

Here's a list of my interests/hobbies:

1) Drawing/Painting
2) Making YouTube videos
3) Writing Poetry/Stories (I haven't written in SO long, so bear with me)
4) Video games
5) Learning about stuff I'm interested in (Ex. Astral projecting, spirit guides).

There's so much more about me, and I hope to write amazing real life stories about my journey of being spiritual.
Spiritual Experiences from ImmortalKitty

The Unknown Is Scary, Unless Given A Chance on 2017-08-11

The unknown is often feared by the uneducated and close-minded, unless you step out of your comfort zone and give some things a chance (Even if they are unexplained often times). It's been three years that I had disconnected my relationship with the Lord and Savior, Jesus H. Christ, God, and the Hol...

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