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The Event Of My Life Thus Far on 2017-03-26

At the age of 10, I was pouting because my dad left me to go somewere without him. Sitting outside at night waiting for him to come back home, I looked up from my fit and seen a bright lite human shaped being with no distinguishing features. Just a human shape. It scared me so bad, I run to get back...

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Date: 2017-03-31
I think most of the comments are correct in saying you are not the one but Jesus is the one. I too have experienced supernatural things as a child. It scared me. I am older now and now I am humbled and thankful that I know for sure there is a God who loves me and that there is life after death. I think what you experienced was an angel comforting you and preparing you for the death of your loved one. My dad passed away from brain cancer so my heart goes out to you because the pain never goes away completely. Thats why I wanted to comment on to you since we are so similar with our experiences. I can see how it would make you feel like you are the one or feel special. Just no that's not it. You are loved and as a added bonus you know just like me. God is real. Thanks for letting me comment on this and I hope this helps my friend.
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