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Gary Robert Smith
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United States
I am an unfolding mystery, a center of awareness in the one being we are. It is a joy to connect and network with others of like attraction.

The mystical and spiritual have been my core interest and passion since childhood and are brought into everything I do. It is the how and not just the what of doing.

My doing includes writing the Whole Human blog, gardening with medicinal herbs, photography, light footprint and sustainable living, and being with my life partner and our Siberian Husky friend, Aura.

My life view is summed as:

We - all that is
Are - in the present moment
One - single, self-existent
Being - of pure consciousness

Swing by and say hi!
Spiritual Experiences from EmanatePresence

Lesson Of The Fire on 2016-11-26

It was early morning, and too dark to see a clock, so I don't know the time by men's counting. But it was before the rooster crowed, so maybe 3 or 4. The fire had burned itself into a thick layer of ash, with just a few sparks left. I had always before awakened before the fire got this low, when ...

Laughing Eyes on 2016-11-20

A reader of the blog I write shared with me his spiritual experience, which 'changed it' for him. He was watching Eckhart Tolle and Bradley Holowitz from Google have a conversation about information technology and mindfulness and how they could work together. "Eckhart has a very peaceful demeanor...

Voice Of Awakening on 2016-09-04

Year: 1999 Chug-clunka, chug-clunka. Screee, screee! The sounds echoed as I push the heavily loaded mail-cart down the long hallways. There is a mail stop. Drop off the mail, pick up the mail, smile at the person behind the desk. Push on, there are five floors still to go. In my mid-forties, a...

Dispel The Illusion With A Greeting! on 2016-08-29

Sometimes a spiritual experience is a single event which expands 'one being consciousness' within individual human awareness. Such events have happened in my life a few times, especially when I let go of judgment or relaxed my grip of control on a situation. Sometimes the spiritual experience ...

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