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Life Is Energy. Universe, You Have My Attention! on 2016-05-18

Just recently I have had some awakening/enlightenment moments which have included intense body vibrations, interaction with energy, revelations/messages, and, powerful feelings of love and happiness. I know my story isn't finished yet but I want to write what I know, just to have it out there. I ...

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I have had this experience recently and am so happy to read some one elses experience in the exact words that I would have used. That loving feeling is simply amazing. Was my first awakening experience and it was intense. I had no revelation/message with it I don't think, or I was too preoccupied trying to just feel the feeling and not lose it. I did have a message with another vibration though, the vibration wasn't an intense love feeling though, and the message was regarding the universe rather than life on earth. I wonder if the original poster has had any more experiences like this.
I believe that the vibration is your energy connecting with the energy of the universe. I'm still working on this one though:) I have had a full body vibration that lasted 15 - 30 minutes. And a 1/2 body (heart chakra up) vibration that lasted 5 - 10 minutes. I get minor vibrations at other times, like when listening to music that seems to be right with my mood, or seeing something beautiful in nature. It is different for me each time though. The long one was accompanied by an intense feeling of love and happiness and bright yellow and pink wire type energy (sorry that one is really hard to describe properly). The 2nd one was accompanied by thoughts of the universe which were like revelations. Like I was being shown the truth of where all this energy comes from, why we are here, other civilisations in other galaxies and their relation and differences to us and how we are not seperate from each other. And the minor ones are just an overwhelming happiness or oneness. I believe you can activate this vibration easily by using creative visualisation / the law of attraction (which is how I did it the first time by accident) so when you use the law of attraction you imagine the feelings you would have recieving whatever it is you are attracting, and for me the feelings were very strong heart related feelings, very emotional, and gratitude. If you can keep your heart pumping out these amazing feelings consistently to the universe then I think it causes you to tune your energy in to the universe, which causes the vibration. Meditation or heart chakra excersises might also work but I have not been able to concentrate enough to do them.
I have been going through this recently. I completely understand and can relate to all you have said here! I hope this has all continued for you, I would love to hear how life has been for you since then.
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