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There's Something In The Hallway on 2016-05-12

There was a time when I shared a bedroom with my younger brother. I was about 7 years. Being the older one, I slept on the top bunk of our bunk bed. One quiet evening, I lay awake facing backwards in my bed, staring down the hallway that extended to my bedroom. I briefly glimpsed away at one point b...

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This happens too where my mouth is opened by an external force and I feel the spirit go inside me. My insides are being squeezed. I become weak and fall to the floor, muscles contracting. I roll into a ball on the floor. But I don't allow bad spirits into me, I made it clear that only Jesus and the Holy Spirit have open access to me. None of the above items ever hurt, in fact, it was rather gentle. The intensity is so strong that it makes my cry tears. But I'm in joy, not pain.
I can attest to what others have shared. My life is going through a major transformation, in almost every way. Several months ago I started experiencing intense and yet intimate experiences with Jesus and with the Holy Spirit. Out of despondency and being suicidal, I turned to Jesus and I began to feel the Spirit move within me. It was a burning fire inside, and yet it was the most wonderful feeling I had ever experienced. My experiences continue along a journey with Spirit. I pray to Jesus and the HS to purge anything that would block them from being inside of me. And it has worked.

I used to drink a little more than moderation and it was due to my coping with a bad situation. The voice told me to get rid of it, I didn't need it anymore. I followed the orders and I've never needed to have anything since. It was as quick as throwing a light switch!

Last night my mediation became very intense. I continue to ask Jesus and the HS to work in me and to make me pure. I prayed to them to not deny me repeatedly. Then it came. My mouth was forced open and my insides were being pushed and squeezed, almost like one was heaving, but I wasn't sick. I was on my knees and fell to the floor. My muscles were contracting all over my body. It happened several times. I could feel him inside me. I later sat up but was gently pushed back down again. Later I finally got a drink of water and went back to my room. It happened once again. My mouth would be opened and the air in my lungs would be pushed out. But I wasn't in any harm. I didn't feel any fear. I made sure that no bad spirits had access to me. Only the Holy Spirit is allowed to dwell in me. Jesus protects me from the bad spirits.
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