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musician with intent to understand and help the world.
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Connected Twins on 2009-10-05

I will quickly write here a weird occurrence that involved my cousin. Is this just coincidence? When you have so many billion people on this earth I suppose there is a chance of it happening. My cousin already had three children. But being all boys and wanting a girl so bad she decided to adopt a...

A Leg Just Like Mine on 2009-06-30

I have read on here some amazing animal stories, so I will share one of mine. About a year ago, I was over in west oz for my sisters wedding. We were staying in this holiday unit which was up on a hill overlooking the ocean. We only stayed three days and we where the only people staying there probab...

Finding Faith on 2008-12-16

On new years eve, at the end of 2004 turned out to be one of the most memorable nights of my life. After celebrating down at the local I was sitting at home thinking too much again. I don't know if you've read my other story "why her not me". It sort of tells how bad a year I had had. And when I tho...

Why Her Not Me? on 2008-11-13

I am not sure why I want to share this, this is my story of my journey to a greater understanding of the ways of our world. I have always had a sense that there is something I have to do and had no idea what these feelings were or what I have to do. I started buying a house with my girlfriend fr...

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Date: 2009-10-12
Kirsten. Isn't it funny when you want to know the answer to something but the more you look for an answer, the harder it becomes to attain. And then out of the blue, whislt not even thinking about the question an answer appears to you.
I haven't even seen a quija board let alone used one. My sister and Grandmother had but not at my house. I listen to a lot of Xavier Rudd's music which has didjeridoo's. I wonder if that had something to do with my visitor.

Peace and love to all

Date: 2009-10-12
could someone please translate this for me? I've never been to Chile. I'm not that good with computers. I only know one language. I want to learn another language one day soon.
Date: 2009-10-10
kirsten I didn't think the face was ugly. I was and am not affraid of it. Have a look at the white tiger. I think my ancesters where albino. My eye's are blue
Date: 2009-10-08
how good is "The Tibetan book of the Living and Dying". It was like I've found someone who understands me when I read that. It is mainly simple common sense but writen so beautifly. Such a deep look into nature too.

Peace and love mate

Date: 2009-10-07
hey kirsten. I have seen an aboriginal face appear on my wall several times. It appears to be an elder, and has this stair sort of like a photo but with a bit of a sad look in his eyes that just gazes at me. It has burnt into my head, I still could easily draw his face. The wall it appeared on is 3m high by 3m wide and took up most of the top half of the wall. I have always thought I must be imagining it.
Practice makes perfect brother. The people I know with bipolar are extremly caring. And the fact they can care too much can be a bit hard on them. We are all gifted with something it is up to you mate, to figure that out. What I think this means is your heart has fully opened itself to accept God.

Peace Love and Happiness

Date: 2009-09-27
I believe dreams of death and destruction are sign of a new beginning in your life mate. Like every life, the life of the sun will possibly end because we can see other stars dissapear through telescopes. If the end of the human race came it would be through the hands of mankind itself. And if that happened the earth will recover and still live on. Dreams can mean many things. Do you think about the prophecy of 2012? Because I see a repeat of what happened in the late 90's when everyone was worried about 2000 being the end of the world. I think it's commercializm trying to get us to think, anyday could be our last, so if we arn't here tomorrow, let's spend up big on the credit card. Notice the recesion we are in?

Love Life

Date: 2009-09-20
I don't know what I'm going to do. But I know I'm not going to just keep sitting on the fence. I want to destroy the fence or at least try build a bridge over it. How cool would it be if in the place of every fence on this earth, we planted a row of fruit trees. I've seen the true meaning in the saying "nice people finish last". Because they are happy weather they win or lose. If winning meant more to someone else, they let them win.

Peace, love and happiness

Date: 2009-09-19
Thank you for pointing out another awesome religion to me. After I wrote my last reply to you, I decided to investigate what the wicca beliefs are about. The first thing I noticed was how they appreciated sunrises and sunsets and all the beauty in nature. I can definatly relate to your beliefs. As soon as I read enough to get a picture of what you people where on about my dogs knew what time it was. The birds had allready started singing and the sun was just about to cause that red glow you see on sunrise. The beauty in the wicca beliefs made me walk my dogs a little bit earlier for some reason that morning. My dogs and I were rewarded with mist covering the field where I throw the ball for them. That was the first time they had seen mist. I love being the first person down the park in the morning and there is no tracks in the dew.
Date: 2009-09-17
Hi Wiccangirl,
Have you heard that expression "there will be no looking back" means put the past behind and look to the future. I fully need an operation still. Infact probably always need to keep getting my knee serviced. I hope they come up with better technology. I can just start to walk up steps with my left leg fisrt. I'm not sure if I can ever walk down steps with my right leg first, but I will not loose hope. If I died tomorrow, I do not care for I have lived a lot richer life then too many other poor souls.
Peace and love
Date: 2009-09-14
Hey Brother,
My opinion is you should have a look what Jesus said in the quotes on this site. You sound like a very righteous person. See what he says about them. Not only his quotes but all those peoples quotes are worth more than gold.

Peace and love

The serpant crusher. Do you find it funny Ra, Buddha, Jahova and Allah all have the same sound at the end? I've wondered where Jesus's Mum is.
Date: 2009-09-12
Could it be the dead sea scrolls you were handed? And Jesus was trying to tell you he is there in my mind. Does he want the fact that he is everwhere known?
Hello people, I have had this too and I think I just figured out what has happened to me! I had this talk with Jesus, I'm sure it was him now. He told me I could at least brush my teeth once in awile as he handed me a toothbrush and toothpaste at the end of the chat. I didn't think I was doing a good enough job for him, but he reassured me to keep going. I was letting myself go because all I could make of the earth was a carcus. When I woke I brushed my yellowish cigerette tar and coffee stained teeth and to my surprise they looked brighter then ever. I didn't look at the spirits face for some reason. I fully had no doubt he was real, now I know he IS real! He is all around us and like he says he is strongest inside everyone who truly trusts him and give themselves to him. When you do, he is there whenever you need him to protect you from the evil force of the devil. The devil is very cunning he can impersonate anyone or thing, even control them if they have a weakened soul, especialy when people drink or are worshiping money. I believe it is him making people disbelieve not allowing piece and happiness into there soul. I read for the first time the quotes on this site two days ago. I definatly did not expect there to be so many people on there. So Jesus's name was there so that's where I looked first. I got goose bumps bigtime. When he said "Whoever truly has faith in him he will enter you". I had asked him for help not long ago. And had given myself to him aswell. I understand now, how everything Jesus said in those quotes is true. I have no appetite for food or water at all thesedays. I still eat don't get me wrong but nowhere near as much as I used to. I am filled enough with his love. It electrifies me, literally. I didn't know what spirits or spirit was trying to contact me so I wrote my first ghostly experience on the ghost site that accompanys this site under the author dylan for those that are interested. As I walked home tonight from my mothers the street light went out again. And just before I got close to it, it went on again. It was him saying to me I will not walk in darkness while I'm on his side. Hopefully the devil will leave me alone and realise he isn't appreciated in my life. I've found good hearted music seems to scare evil spirits away. Especially the old scottish war song "Amazing Grace" I love listening to the bagpipe version on utube cranked up loud it is amazing! I play that song Jimi Hendrix style on guitar too the song goes off.

Peace Love and Happiness to All

Date: 2009-09-08
Oh yeah as a sign of peace I've been trying to get everyone to plant a fruit tree on the foot path out the front of their homes. Everyone says but people would steel them, then I say what if everyone had fruit trees on their footpaths? There would be too much to take. And at least I know no 1 will go hungry in our area.
Date: 2009-09-08
Hi Wiccangirl.
How is your leg going? Are you able to take your brace off to swim yet? Swimming helped my leg the most. Would you be able to put flippers on? You probably know all about hydrotherapy. Once you have your operation there will be no looking back. So stoked to hear you are keeping your chin up.XD
Date: 2009-09-08
Gday mate,
Are all your visions of peace? I've been getting them to. I can imagine a day, probably in our kids, grandkids lives where they don't care what flag they live under and get rid of flags all together. Call ourselves humans or earthlings or something. I can't stop thinking we all need to rip down fences and build bridges. How far can you take "love thy neibour like thyself". It could be the house next door the next suburb the next town/city/state/country.
Was it said that the garden of eden can NEVER be rebuilt? But who's heard the old saying NEVER say never? Lets all rebuild Iraq I feel I come from there too.

Peace Love Happiness to All

Date: 2009-07-28
The intellect of animals is unreal. It would be great if someone could figure out their vocabulary and I'm talking about all creatures. The way they instinctivly go about there lives there must be some form of comunication. I have no favourites in the animal kingdom, they all have amazing qualities. I let my dogs help choose my friends these days, they do a better job then me. XD
Date: 2009-07-28
Isn't life amazing brother! I thought I was a complicated man living in a simple society. Once I realized I was a simple man living in a complicated society things started going sweet. What is in us, I think is in everyone.
Finally someone has noticed how bad compitition is, I thought I was the only one. Over the past five years I have realized I was living in a society where everyone thinks they're better than everone else. We all have our individual talents that can be practiced to different levels. It doesn't matter who is better at one thing or another. The human body and spirit is capable of just about anything. If anyone wants to achieve something they just have to really deep down in their heart want it. Do you find it funny when people will try something new for 5mins and then instantly write themselves off and say to themselves that they could never do it. I do it myself from time to time:>. I don't think any of us could walk straight away.
Everything takes practice.

Keep on loving

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