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John Of God And My Story Of Spiritual Healing on 2008-10-22

In August 2008 I traveled to a small town in Brazil on a sort of pilgrimage. I was seeking whatever blessing may come of this journey and in particular relief from phobias related to food intolerances and cumulative stress. This had become a considerable problem in my life - an unlikely candidate or...

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This message is directed to those who have requested some assistance. I'll keep it basic.
There are good spirits, and there are not-so-good spirits.
The good spirits help us and at times they are those who some of you will see or sense.
The not-so-good spirits are opportunists who do not mean well. They may be attracted by your light (your wisdom, your virtue), and/or you may have inadvertently opened yourself up to unwanted attention by perhaps previous alcohol or drug use as two examples. Don't be frightened, do be firm. You can use the following three tools for protection at any time of the day or night. For those who are having trouble around sleep times, I suggest repeating this 9 times each bedtime. Say it aloud or silently, and with conviction: "I close my chakras and I seal my aura to all except God & good." Visualize yourself (or your home or loved ones) in an impenetrable silver bubble of protection. An additional simple tool you can use is to keep cinnamon around your living space, either cinnamon sticks or powder. Best wishes.
Date: 2010-04-07
Margaret Dear, my interpretation is this: the angel at your feet is protecting you from the potential negative influence of the vulture figure. Ie You are protected. Regardless of where an angel is positioned, their presence is a very good thing. Good for you in tuning in to say the Lord's Prayer. (Consider reading about protection mechanisms - how to seal your aura or close your chakras at will.) The woman who spoke was almost certainly one of your Guides; we all have Guides. Blessings, and thank you for sharing your spiritual experience.
Date: 2008-12-03
Dear Sara,
I think it is special that you have written so honestly and lovingly about your intriguing experience. Like you I wasn't raised with religion, however I can honestly tell you I have seen Jesus and more than once, and in my experience there is nothing more humbling than that. There is no mistaking him. It is always a surprise to me, and it is a preciously beautiful and sacred Blessing.
May I share my impression with you? You were holding your grandmother's hand and I think there is every possibility that you were sharing in the beginning of her experience crossing over into the world of spirit. Your childhood innocence and your bond to this special lady enabled you for a moment to peek behind 'the veil'.
One of the best movies I have ever seen for my taste was one I watched this Fall called Faustina starring Dorota Segda. It is about a Polish Catholic sister who was such a pure channel that she could see what others could not. She lived a very holy life. Others didn't believe her when she told of her experiences, but years later and in part on account of her writings [book: Divine Mercy] she became Sainted. I am not Catholic, but this movie is exquisitely done.
Thank you for sharing your story Sara.
Hello Kiwi and thank you for your kind message. You're quite right, I have noticed other improvements since returning home! I'm pleased to tell you that my guide was Gary Walker and he can be reached through his website: The website provides considerable information about the John of God healing center in Brazil plus Gary is very helpful and friendly should you wish to email him for further information. (As well he is fluent in both English and Portuguese.) Gary is very intuitive, professional and fun too - in fact, he far surpassed my expectations. The trip was brilliant, and I hope you get to go to Brazil. If there is anything else you would like answered, please don't hesitate to write me again. 😊 P.S. The food in Brazil is delicious!
Dear DL,
I enjoyed your story, and I'm also very glad that you recovered.
What you described as having potentially taken on Marie's symptoms is something I've heard of being done by St Therese de Lisieux. It may be worth your while to read about the life of that very special young woman. (The recent movie is extremely general and doesn't touch much on her gifts.)
I would also like to suggest that if you think you will decide to ever do that kind of healing in future, that as a means of protection you add an additional step of promptly giving the illness up to a higher power for further intervention and Divine healing.
Kind regards and Blessings to you.

PS Having done spiritual readings in the past, I often felt some of what the other person was feeling and it could be uncomfortable. I.e. If they were tired, I was suddenly feeling tired, if they needed to cough then I also needed to cough. However, I always did protection affirmations beforehand and the uncomfortable feeling never lasted.
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