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We Are All One And There Is Only Love on 2008-10-06

I am not a religious person and had some mind opening experiences as a child like seeing the future before it appeared to happen This didn't seem out of the ordinary to me, it simply confirmed that there was something more beyond what my eyes showed me. I had quite a colorful life with many ups an...

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Hi Kevin

Your not mad and many are now having these expereinces
Indeed I understand about the "thoughts" hehe - quite something eh

Just follow your heart - All acts of Love are MAXIMAL

God is after all LOVE
Hi Doris

Thank you for your gift

I will look up the book you mentioned

With Love

Tony (tonyamendola (at)

I completely understand your expereince and know as you do
You are not a lunatic
You have had a glimpse of the truth within us all - bless you Child of God

Take a little while to balance, ask to be guided and you will be - always in Love

Again take a look at ACIM
Its not for everyone but is what was given me by God in Revelation

If its not for you no matter - ask and you will recieve - Trust in that:)


Date: 2008-10-07
Hey Jack

It seems you have gone past belief to knowing:)
The orbs are quite normal and various light episodes - These will fade to some degree as Love within you guides you - the lights are the beginning - the end is within our hearts - The higher vision doesn't look with eyes but with Love:)

You will find you have everything:)

Take a look at ACIM if you get a chance

God is LOVE and Jesus is our Brother
Or perhaps better
We are all ONE in LOVE

There are no names in Heaven - No need:)
end of spiritual article