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37 m above NYC.
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My Experience, God's Communication on 2008-10-19

My experience: I was lying on my bed pondering the differences between people of various faiths and conflict between them and if they could unite and learn to live in peace and I was thinking the same for people of different races etc. I have a bible on the floor next to me that I glance through now...

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Yes I experienced something similar. Though for me instead of that energy coming from my toes it started at the top of my head and moved down my body slowly. As it passed it felt like my cells were energized too. I think it is very difficult to explain this feeling to someone who has not experienced it. There is a woman who had an experience very close to your own in that she too was in a church and had the same experience that you describe the only difference was her seeing a white light in addition.
To answer your question about whether there are other places to find info on this stuff there are on the web. I had an experience too. Not exactly the same as yours but almost. The thing is its subjective, I guess we can count ourselves as very lucky. Really when I think about whether there is a God or not I just go back to my experience. I almost wish everyone could have the experience like you had.
Date: 2009-04-06
I am glad that you have seen. I hope you take that with you for the remainder of your days here.
Heightened state of awareness. I have had the experience also. Not exactly the way that you had it but in a way the same. That is how I described it when after the experience I tried to document the feelings of what I went through, it was a heightened state of consciousness for a short time.
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