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One male human, that had his own excavating construction business for twenty years. In 1993 a re-session came in and stopped my small business because of the lack of work available. I started working for an employer as a driver since I held a class A license. Then one day I found myself falling to the ground because of a sink hole in the asphalt that I inadvertently stepped into, causing a server injury to my spine. I have always wondered why would I get injured at a house of God? This was my beginning of a empirical, enlightenment, journey. Now, I want to share my story, with all people of the world. So they may learn what I have learned about, that happened in the same world that we all live in now.
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A New Awareness on 2008-10-09

If I was not injured on the job that day in 1993, I would not have been able to learn about these experiences I have with God. I hold tight to all of these experiences because they were all messages from God. The same night I have asked God to come into my life, I got quite a surprise. I had a messe...

A Throned Wreath on 2008-10-08

It was a beautiful summer day in 2004, It was a hot day as I sat in front of my fan staying cool drawing a house. As I was drawing this home design I started thinking to myself that this is God house as I drew this picture. Then I felt like going outside to finish my drawing it was such a beautiful ...

Enlightenment Journey on 2008-09-28

This is a true story of my experiences with God, miracles and visions. It is my goal, to share this empirical experience with all people of the world. I feel that I want to take this time to share this information with all people, for God. Jesus my savior! It started one day after getting up earl...

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Date: 2008-10-01
Cass1, I just read your story and I find it hard to understand that you were able to see
The Orb, s with your eyes. I was only able to
See the Orb, s after taking pictures with my digital camera. Only one time I seen a ball shaped craft about four foot across and about two hundred foot from me at night.
These orb's are not God! They are spirits
From what Billy Graham has written. (souls)
The rest was your own conscience.
Date: 2008-10-01
Sarah, I just read your story and I have had experience with human looking people that were all white. There hair, skin and cloths. It happened in about 2002 as I sat outside on a sunny summer day. To get to the point. These people that were all white were in a craft that was covered by the cloud. This cloud stopped directly overhead. I could not believe what was going on just about one hundred foot above me, so I could not take my eye's off of what I was now seeing. I seen a cargo door open just like on our air craft. A man and a boy stepped out of this door. I am sitting right there watching them and could see them clearly. I smiled and waved to them, I didn't know what else to do. They did not respond at all. These people looked very stern, expressionless and all white everything was snow white. The clothes they wore was a suite jacket, vest and white pants of-course. Very neatly dressed like dignitaries. After I waved to them they simply stepped back, the same as they stepped out, the door closed. Then a small window opened, and I could see this big face, that was all white with a slight grin on his face. Shortly after that I found out why this big faced person had a grin on his face. Another cloud that was with that one raised up to get between me and the sun. Next thing I seen this long Lang-key body move from inside this cloud. It had pyramid shaped object in its hand. It lined up the tip of the pyramid shaped object between me and the sun. Next thing I heard the crack of electricity and the craft descended on me at the same time. I was knocked unconscious. I don't know how long I was out for. When I came to and was able to gain my senses again and I was able to walk, I then walked back to my house and lay down. I was still in shock, to say the least. I have never heard of people that were all white.
After I read your story I thought I would let you know about my experience with people that were all white. I know our stories are different, but I thought you might like to hear about another persons experience with all white people. I often wondered about these people. Did they have anything to do with our Alfa/ Amega? Hope you are doing fine now, take care!
Date: 2008-09-30
Dear Gina, I have read your story and I know about the abuse of some of these doctors and attorney's out there. I had a doctor give me the wrong medication for anxiety for two years. First I had depression and about five years later the anxiety followed. I got so bad that I was on the bottom, going to the E.R way to many times. But my senses told me that God would be the only one that would be able to help me now. When I asked him to come into my life. That very night, he had a messenger their for me. I don't know what would have happened to me if I didn't find him. It was like he was waiting for me to find him again.
Gena, if you are still not doing that well, God will be their for you, if you let him.
About your digital camera and seeing faces in the pictures that are not supposed to be there. I have not had that exactly happen to me, but one thing I can tell you is I was out-side at night taking pictures of the full Moon and to my surprise, when I put them on my computer. I seen orb's, round balls of light in my pictures. They were, blue, red, and white, the one's I caught on my camera that night.
Take Care, I hope you get better!
Date: 2008-09-30
Thank you for your interest, I am still taking the same pain medication and the miracles have faded down from very frequent
To a few sightings a year. No, I really don't think that the medication caused the visions and the miracles. I say this because I have some pictures of some orb's and of three spirits that I have not entered in my story yet. Keep reading and you will see for yourself. Yes, I am doing much better now and am still taking the strong pain medication every-day. It was, my asking God to rescue me, is why I am doing better today. In the bible you will see that God offers you a lot, when you find faith, trust, and love in him. The Lord has given me every-thing that is stated in the bible. And I have a little
Note for you. I do not preach to anyone, but since the Lord my savior has shown his Love for me over a five year span, to help me pull out of the terrible state of mind I was in. I will now tell the good word about the Lord, in return for what he has done for me. How else could I ever pay him for what he has done for me? Keep your eye's open on this story, if you are open to learn about the God's that love us, in the same world that we live in now.
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