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I Ask For A Miracle And I Got One on 2008-09-14

I've been a practitioner of many different forms of meditation and I have to say that I've seen a few things that I only share with very close friends. I've had visions and am familiar with what I would call extreme lucid dreams. In many of the lucid dreams I'm lead to what I can only call a port...

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I read your story, this kind of experience has happened to me many times. Most of the time this is your own soul leaving then returning to your body. Sometimes it may be a "entity" trying to communicate with you. The reason why I use the word entity is because there are many different types of spirits in the spiritual realm. Anything from Angels/Deities to wayward ghost.

If your sensitive sooner or later you'll start to see them. I think that it's important to tell you that it is not wise to let other beings inhabit your body. This is much different I believe then communication that might go on while you sleep.
It's so troubling to me when people use fear to try to understand the worlds beyond this one. I'm sure the first time that cave men saw fire the were frightened and they probably thought that was evil too. We are spiritual beings living in this world for a short time. I understand your story because I to have simuliar experiences. I can only imagine maybe if I had shared my story 100 years ago I would be burned and called a warlock. Many who clam to know the Lord have never heard his voice. Those who live in fear know him even less. If you want to know find one who knows, if you can't find someone that knows ask the Lord to guide you. Remember the universe is infinite and the minds of those that spread thier useless fear is small. God cannot be understood or experienced with the mind only in spirit, so for those that think they speak for the creator or believe that they know his ways there's a ways to go in your spiritual evolution.
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