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I have had genuine experiences of ego death, the I AM experience and a few I've had to name myself because there are no names for them but they are equally powerful.
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Great Suffering, Great Triumph on 2013-11-20

In the months before my experience I remember a shift in beliefs. I became tired of fear and suffering, I began to seek risks and great short term profits that came with them. Also, probably more important, I began to try and fool myself into enjoying suffering; constantly trying to see the bright s...

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Great experience, I believe our experiences are similar and have biological markers that also match. Of course the lack of stress, bordering on near immunity to stress is one, great sleep despite having years of troubled sleep, silent thoughts, etc. Just scratching the surface but those are the biological markers I've noticed that accompany strong experiences, in particular stress breakdown/ stress system reboot/repair, etc.

Anywaise, we should converse. Surely there would be some good or revelation to come of it lol. I'm currently seeking others like myself, you qualify! Message me at captainlysander [at] yahoo and we'll see where it goes. I'll note I've not had the luxury of extensive communication with others like myself, so keep an open mind, could be headed for rough waters or an island paradise =P
Date: 2013-11-20
you saved yourself, the truth in you didn't save yourself from the shadow, it became it. Knowing you are truth and shadow, you no longer fear either and are free to be both at once.

The devil in you is the part of you that will do anything to survive, commit the same evils that were committed upon you and hurt you so badly. It is metaphoric because to realize it would endanger the ego's survival mechanism (which ultimately we seekers aim to deactivate anyways), the danger is self harm without the ego's protection (which is rationality and reason).
The truth in you, the god in you, is the part that chooses to be capable of devilish deeds and chooses to not do them anyways.

Hope that helps; believe in your self, not metaphoric versions of yourself =)
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