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A Brilliant Cloud Of Loving Light - A Prayer Answered on 2008-09-19

About sixteen years ago an unpleasant incident caused me to fear that I might have a certain health problem. This caused me a lot of anxiety. I made a special prayer spot in my back room where I prayed to God regularly concerning this. Within a month, I had this dream; I was standing on a hill when ...

True Affection From The Lord on 2008-09-08

A few years ago I was reading the New Testament book of John. I was feeling so good about how John stated that the Lord loves us so much. A particular sister of mine, who I never got along with very well came over for an unexpected visit. We talked about what I had been reading. I felt so much love ...

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Riviereeternite, I will be looking forward to reading your experience. I have recently joined. This was my first post. Today, 9-19-08, I posted an experience/dream titled; Brilliant Cloud of Loving Light - A Prayer Answered.
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