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Since I was a child, I knew I was different and I also knew God was real.

I have followed where this loving presence has lead me, to many different paths and people. Any gifts given to me would best be described as being an Empath. This has the benefit of giving me many, spritual experiences, although that is not the goal or the purpose of the experience.

I work as an Actress, writer and teacher as well as run a small Interior Design company. My children are growing up and I will be manifesting more of my own work in the world now. I am in love with life and feel so blessed. I feel driven to share my love for humanity and the world through the arts and perhaps shine a light on small things, that are not small at all.
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Mary's Grief on 2013-03-24

I try to listen to the loving presence that has never left me since my childhood. Yesterday, I was lead to visit St. Ann's Catholic church in Charlotte, NC where I live, with my husband. But before I share with you my experience from yesterday, I would like to quickly share with you another. A nu...

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Hi Deli,

You are very special, sensitive and open. Seeking is living:) Seek carefully and know yourself as you travel. There is so much that is out there, know the "in-there" solidly, too.

As long as you "Fear Not" and have your understanding firm, you will be safe. Just travel with the highest of the high:)

This has kept me safe and lead me to wonderful places.
Erin...Ask Him.

You have a very good signal! Only you two will know what to do. That's the very strong message you received, isn't it? You don't need anyone else invloved. Trust yourself...He's there.

Joy of Joys.
Date: 2013-03-28
Yes, Energyman, Kingdixie's story ended with a positive, YEA! However, my advise would be to not get too excited by the pretty crazy things that can happen and focus on the understanding you now have. This is the real power. You may not be lead to spiritual warfare, or you may. But you have been given a Devine experience. I would say follow the devine. However you find God, keep your eyes and focus there:)

I'm so happy for you. Now you can experience all the amazing crazy joyfulness... A shadow is only there by the power of the LIGHT!
Date: 2013-03-28
A lovely intimate story. Thank you.

As a mother of a child with unbelieveablely strange illnesses and challenges, your story touched me deeply. There is something different about my son's ability to live with his challenges, too. Like it's almost nothing to him, while we agonize.

I feel I know this young two year old from your story and I'm better for it. Thank you.
Date: 2013-03-28
I'm so happy to have read your story. I wrote a play a number of years ago, about a Gullah girl (aged 11) who was a Caul child. I knew almost nothing about Cauls, and somehow wrote an accurate picture of what a Caul childs life can be like.

I've also become friends with an artist who is a national treasure, who was a Caul. He allowed me to meet his mother and she and I had a great talk. Now, I am meeting people who were born with Cauls, and reading your story! I get along with Cauls, because there is no need to explain anything... God bless and best of success with your book! I would love to read more:)
Date: 2013-03-28
Well, your story has a ring of eternal truth to it, that I have seen before surrounding death. I have come to conclude that when a loved one passes the "veil" between this life and the next is somehow very thin. Some amazing things happen when the veil is very thin.

You also have a good and close relationship with God, to whom you pray. But you have not gone to church. If this were my story, I might see a pattern here... Your daughter called, which got you talking about the Bible. You felt compeled to watch the sermon, based on scripture. This made you feel wonderful... You then had the family loss to add weight and impact on it all, as you were "tuned in."

You are connected, open and available. Now what do you do? I often feel better when I have other like minded, God focused friends to share with while on my journey. Keep listening to the with-in, and look for more of what brought you joy... Follow the joy!
Dipak, this is such a beautiful story and experience. Thank you for sharing your journey. How wonderful to be with Sri Ramkrishna and to be given the gift of seeing the same house you had seen.
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