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I have had a few incredible moments of Truth in my life... And in fact, I begin to sense every present moment as incredible.
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Finding Four-leaf Clovers on 2008-08-06

Finding a four-leaf clover in itself surely is not a spiritual experience. Some people spend their free time looking for them and have found thousands. Some sell them. I believe, however, that such finding, like any other "lucky" event truly has meaning when it comes as an answer to an inner request...

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Hello Rose,
You are not alone. This experience has been lived in a similar way by an uncountable number of people. I've read stories. It always happens this way: out of no where, for no reason, the person just feeling good at the moment, she suddenly has the true awareness that all is One, Love and Perfect. It has happened to me. After watching a movie! In can happen in any context. However, you should not expect it to happen again. It is a gift from God. It only needs to happen once and it changes your perceptions forever. That's the point of it.
I'm so glad to hear about people who have had this experience.
Bless you!
It seems to me as if your day when people looked at you in negative ways in fact happened to show you that hell is created by our perceptions of things, hindered by our judgements, which makes us feel down, affraid and mocking. Next, you shifted to a more accurate perception of things, seeing everything and everyone as beautiful and recognised it as heaven. One day for hell, a half hour for heaven: it's much easier to sustain false perceptions and true ones. Your comments about having completely different perceptions of people who knew confirms that you did learn the power of perception and compassion during your experiences. What you thought was nice in others before were maybe in fact superficial appearances, and strange people just seemed downright honest with themselves. Also, if your energy is more loving, it's normal people are attracked to you. Most probably don't realise why they like you, they just do. Take care! ❤
Well, I'm getting more interested in your experience of reality. If you want, you can email me. I'd like to hear more, and also I could give details on my experiences and perceptions. Aimychan [at]
I have a question about your story. Could you explain this part a bit more:

"This energy (which increased in power day by day) finally climaxed to a point where everyone in the world seemed to know who and where I was..."

You had the feeling that everybody knew who you were?
My first feeling about your story is that you surely gained awareness of the illusion of this world, but from your reactions to it I believe this epiphany may have been mainly intellectual. I've been there too. I have had both intellectual, emotional and spiritual moments of higher awareness. They are all important. I believe yours was mainly intellectual, because the subsequent emotions that you experienced: being trapped, feeling people knew where you were, and physically attacking "negative energies" were false/negative perceptions and emotions. During a realisation that implies your divine self, negative emotions are impossible, because you realise that you are Divine and Love and One with All no matter what. Your realisation was still important. It's the first step. Then comes moments were you are centered, and feel nothing but love. I have been there too, years ago, I felt trapped too, and saw the illusion. That led to my thrive for God and Truth, and now I know those past moments were as important as the beautiful ones I live now, but that they were a product of parts of me in conflict.
What do you think? Does that make sense to you?
Wow! Yours is a very inspiring story too. Do you believe in reincarnation? Animals are said to reincarnate too, and apparently many dogs and cats come back to previous owners in a new body because they have a mission to accomplish. I am convinced that if Clover is not the reincarnation of your other dog, she is nevertheless on an important mission with you and/or someone of your family. Maybe you should also think about the signification that clovers have for you, because it is obviously trying to tell you a message.
Thank you very much for your story.:)
Date: 2008-08-06
That's strange. I have heard a similar story before. Birds coming to people who have just lost a dear one...
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