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Butterflies, Signs Given From Some Higher Power? on 2012-11-29

My name is April and I would like to share my personal spiritual experience with you. I have had too many experiences to share with you in one writing so I will share just one that is significant. This has to do with Monarch Butterflies. What some of you may be asking is what is so spiritual about t...

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I have gotten to the highest point before leaving my body, but am unable to leave my body. I go through the vibration stage, feel my body lifting up my heart starts to race an am about to exit but never do. I have been practicing this for over a year. As for getting to the vibration stage, I listen to Binaural Beats in the theta frequency. Here is a great hour long session I found on Youtube. I use this one all the time and have gotten almost out of body. Heres the link --->
The trick is to concentrate on the sound. Mind awake, body asleep. Clear your mind completely and tune in to the music. It takes a lot of concentration for me and practicing meditation for years has really helped. Good luck with your journey and hopefully soon you will get there. As for me, well I have not gone out of body yet if I do I will let you know. 😁
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