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I'm 42 years old. I was a nurse for over 20 years and a wedding planing author for over 15 years. I have children, both miracles.

I am very much a believer in spiritual paths in life and divine interventions. It's what I live by, the unspoken words that guide us to where we need to be.
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Answers And Meaning on 2008-08-04

I recently wrote about my Spiritual Journey and Angels Among Us. This one is Answers and Meaning. Just after I wrote Spiritual Journey, I was telling someone about it and the next day, before the story was posted, I met a man who admitted he also sees faces. He sent me the picture that I sent with m...

Angels on 2008-08-01

I'm writing to share an amazing experience that happened just after I shared my account of my Spiritual Journey will all of you. That night I was up on a singles site, chatting and there was an e-mail from a man that came to my email. The aura told me that we would be friends. I emailed and met h...

Spiritual Journey on 2008-07-29

I'm 42 years old and was a LPN in a psychiatric hospital for a total of almost 10 year. During the years, I've heard the past stories about the field to some depth. One day my life took a turn and I was on the other end, as a patient. To my horror, I seen what the field was really like from a patien...

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Date: 2010-01-03
Thank you for posting responses. I'm writing a response in regards to the light coming on. I believe there is spiritual energy around all of us. At first I use to think it was a short in the electrical, then I realized it's not when a solid white milk glass globe around a ceiling light gave a loud noise and shattered everywhere. A man that I shared the apartment with was also a spiritualist. He was just as stunned as I was. We weren't arguing or anything. We actually were giving each other a long look at that moment because we were talking about us being among a few of our old friends that were still alive. He never gave me a key due to him having a girlfriend, yet he let me to come and go as I pleased with my travels, always having a warm welcoming when I returned. We had different lifestyles, yet we were really good spiritualists together. Upon returning to Syracuse, I found that he passed away as he tried to leave Syracuse. He died of a heart attack in 2007 while I was held in Virginia. I was suppose to make it back to help move to another apartment and was pullkept in Virginia instead. When I returned, I stayed with my sister and began to see a man that I seen in the past. From there, I went to a shelter and they found an apartment for me because a lot of people I knew passed away over a few years. I had a hard time due to my feelings of defeat from being a nurse and science major seeing what appreared to be procurements of illneses and there was nothing I could do about it other than research on the internet. I stayed on the computer researching. I also developed interent businesses of interst other than my research topics. I had my nephews overnight on the weekend and played Bingo on Mondays. Months went by. Above the counter space was a clock that I never really noticed until the batteries ran out. I replaced them finding that the clock had chimes that sounded just like my grandparents doorbell. I was in much better spirits and I thought to myself it was a welcome home because they rang at the right moment when I was ready to begin finding me again.
Date: 2008-08-15
I'm sorry to hear about your ordeal. You're very lucky. Your dog is very special to know to cover you. How your dog knew is the unexplained. I believe God speaks to all, both human and animals, giving instinctual knowledge, just as HE guides the unseen world, helping guide us through spiritually, helping us to find the will and strength that we never knew we had, to survive. I hope your recovering well, take it easy for a while. God Bless.
Date: 2008-08-15
I believe you're right. I never understood the meaning of we're not alone, until I was alone and seen that even during the hardest of times, the unexplained happened for the best. You're right, helping us in ways that we may not even know. Now I understand.
Date: 2008-08-15
Thank you both for posting a comment, that's how I felt going through everything, as if there was something with me all of the time. As when I started to see the faces, I felt they were special from heaven because they always had some form of meaning to me showing me that we're not alone. Even though my journey was through a form of darkness, I felt truly blessed to be able to see the other end of what was once, my career. I never understood why I left I just had a feeling that something wasn't right about the field and now I have a clear picture, to be able to advocate for others, something I didn't have before I decided to leave. I believe both of you are right, an Angel was with me. I pray that one is with you too.
God Bless
Date: 2008-08-07
It appears to me, Joshua, that the path that you may have been on, may not have been the path for you and that trouble may have been up ahead had you had stayed on course. I believe in Divine Intervention, even though the answers are not immediately known. Just by that police officer stopping you while you were going 87 in a 65, may have saved your life because you were tired and reaction time is lessened. You'll have no way of knowning what was up ahead and if you could have a voided it. It might have been something as simple as a car up ahead changing lanes, without a signal and that was going to be in your pathway and at that speed God only knows. Take it all as a blessing that you didn't go any further. As far as life altering experiences, I believe the police officer may have been right on this one. Your path changed because you have past manifestations that you needed to work out. Until we put things to rest from our past, our relationships are not fully happy ones because we're always looking backwards.
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