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Encounter With A Portal From Heaven on 2012-10-14

Me and my wife have been attending a church where we had an encounter with God that opened up a hunger to know more and want more. I had friends who had set me up with people that walk in incredible spiritual Gifts. Talking with these men of God changed my Life. They had given me their insights and ...

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Date: 2012-10-14
Hey Kingdixie, I really enjoyed hearing your storie. I can tell you for sure that the Devil and demons which is the kingdom of Darkness does exsist now so does God his son Jesus and angels exsist which is the Kingdom of God. We live in a Spritual Warfare everyday. Look up ephesians 6:10. Talks about Spiritual warfare. I would love to talk to you more in private to explain some things in your situation, but I can definatley help you. I enjoy helping people. I want you to know that when you recieve Jesus in your Life he gives you the holy spirit. Start taking authority over demonic spirits and even over sicknesses and when you don't feel peace. Jesus says I have given you my spirit to heal the sick cast out devils, clense lepers, Raise the Dead. You can do all this things in the name of Jesus. That is the name Where we are to use our authority. I have done many healings and deliverences on people from demonic spirits and feel so free afterwards so I definatley recomend you to know your authority in Christ. If you need any information or help on something just let me know.
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