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Caught Up on 2012-08-20

I remember this event like it happened just yesterday, although it has been thirty one years. But here I was: in a little one-room-church, barely big enough to hold fifty people. I was nineteen years old as a new "born again Christian" who had been baptized just a week before. Myself, my Mom alon...

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My idea of one being "chosen" means: to be seperated or called out from among the world. There are definatly others out here who are picked too. One might be surprised where they can be found. Here is a clue: Jesus was chosen also... He was homeless.
Our bodies are not made to live with sins like fear, guilt and other bad energies. Jesus taught us to deny anything thought we have that makes our bodies feel bad even if we deserve to feel bad about our mistakes. We are all children, some of us are in older bodies than others. Keep your mind innocent just the same as when your body was young, don't worry. I found myself in a den of lions once but, my faith in the Universe kept the mouths of my devourers shut.
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