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Changing Faces on 2008-07-17

Three years ago now I met a man with whom I felt a strong spiritual connection ~ it almost felt as we had known each other before in a past life. After months of knowing each other we went on a holiday to France together, and what happened on one of the nights there will always stay with me. ...

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Date: 2008-08-03
Hi Aga,

Thanks for the comment. No, we didn't have any mushrooms that day for dinner ~ or around that time. I remember quite well what I ate there, and it didn't consist of any mushrooms or onion etc.

Take care... 😁
Date: 2008-08-03

Thanks for your reply!

That's interesting ~ you saw different faces appearing on your face through a mirror?

It could be like the Indian teaching says, 'the soul puts on a body like we put on clothes' ~ when the faces appear, you don't only feel connected to everyone in the world, but to those other beings you have been and/or known in past lives. It also brings you closer to all non-physical beings. This way, everything (the past/present/future, the physical/non-physical etc) melts together and becomes 'one' ~ which perhaps is how it all is when we depart from this physical world.

It's very interesting...
Date: 2008-08-03

Thank you for your response ~ how fascinating! It sounds very similar to what happened to me, and truly the most similar I've ever heard anyone tell me!

Could you ever find any reasons for it? Why with that specific friend and exactly then? It's interesting you experienced it ALSO alone!

I was hoping to find someone else with a similar experience ~ the closest I've ever got was with something Stuart Wilde had talked about; they called it "the morph", during which one can see to the other 'frequencies'. He told a story about a room filled with people, who all saw something at the exact same time. (I need to find that speech from somewhere to get into more details about it...)

Thanks again for sharing your experience! 😁
Date: 2008-07-19
Hi Melpajak!

Thank you for your comment!

It sounds like a good idea to talk to a psychic about this ~ if I just can find one who is a real one! Would be interesting to hear what s/he has to say, and perhaps find some 'missing links'.

I agree with you fully when it comes to accidents; I don't believe in them either... And yeah, I guess that makes it all even more interesting! 😊
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