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Heavenly Light That Shone In The Night on 2008-07-13

I began to realize how much I loved Jesus when aged about 7 years old. I wasn't raised in a Christian household. I have experienced many wonderful experiences on my journey of learning about God and how much he loves me. One night has such a beautiful and special memory for me and I am aware that wh...

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Thank you for informing me of your opinions regarding my experience Vagobondfaith. It certainly was a wonderful experience and one that I shall cherish forever. God bless you.
If it was a dream, and I can assure you it wasn't, maybe you can explain why the Rev heard the same words spoken to him on a seperate occasion. I know what happened because I was there and if my poem is naive then maybe that's what God loves about me. "Blessed are the humble"
Yes. That would be lovely for you to do that. Something else quiet wonderful happened because it wasn't until I discovered this site by accident that I sent in this wonderful experience. Once my story had been published I sent it to a few Christians via the internet who are lovely people and at a time when I felt that God wanted me to share it. The Rev at our church is one of the most godly and highly respected Christians and a beautiful blessing to God. I have recently joined his pastoral care support team and under his guidance we visit care homes and just to hold hands with these humble people is a blessing to us. I sent my story to him and only because I wanted to inform him that I would be available to help at a garden party to raise funds for a care home the following day. I cried when I received his reply because he said that God had spoken the exact same words to him approx a year ago. God had prepared this wonderful experience to seal it as the truth all in advance. If I have printed my story and it will help your friend and others then that is wonderful and true to Gods love for us all. God Bless and thank you.
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