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Through hardships and pain. Much is to gain. The feelings of happiness and joy are as a child and his favorite toy. I love having to try and stop smiling than having to force myself to smile. Fear doesn't want you to recieve glory,joy,happiness,confidence,love and mostly humility. That sentence itself is the problem and the answer. Push through.
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The Bathroom Light on 2012-05-01

My name is John and I grew up on my grandfathers farm in North Carolina. My family believes in the Christ and taught me so as well. Don't let that deter you from continuing to read. Even with that belief I was a drug addict by 12 and wishing for an end by 14. A close friend of mine at 14 years ol...

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Date: 2012-06-06
I believe that out of the few obvious things (big disaters) we are saved from. There are probably several thousand minor incidences that we are saved from too. I'm not saying the minor ones would not have major consequences. Dead is dead you know. It's just easier for us as humans to accept if the Rescue comes during a large and obvious event.
Date: 2012-05-24
I didn't feel His hug, but I felt His blood covering me from the inside. Just under my skin. It was a warmth I'd never felt. It was smooth and strong and incredibly intense. I felt like even the wood on the walls could feel it. Matter of fact I know they felt it. It was life, not just living, it felt like life itself. The essence of everything that lives and has lived and will live. It felt like heaven must feel. I was so safe and secure. I enjoy hearing others share, we are all children of the same Father!
Date: 2012-05-24
I love to hear people tell the stories about the TRUTH. I was told by a pastor I trust completely, because he could show it to me in the Bible. He said that Mary was a teenager when she became pregnant. She saw an angel and he told her what was happening and what to name Him. On the other hand, Joseph was a grown man in his twenties and had a dream of the angel which told him to doubt not. The pastor told me that a child is more likely to see the supernatural, and adults are more likely to dream of it. Just as Mary saw and Joseph dreamed. Either way they both BELIEVED. Matthew 19:14 JESUS said,"Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these." 😊
You ever here of the black angel that protects children. He's called St. Martin! The one I saw though sent shivers to my core. He wasn't an angel or demon I believe, but he ment business. His business was collection. Just as Idealist said to you about his friend who thought of the bible, I said Jesus, I don't want to die. He was Gone, but that's my belief and I said it with confidence and power. It was my last hope. There is a lot more to it than what I said, but that's another story. Yours sounds like St. Martin, watchful and protective. So maybe he wasn't the only one there.
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