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I Saw God In The Clouds In Arkansas on 2012-04-27

It was a very special day for me in a place I had only been for a short period of time. I lived in N.Little Rock Arkansas for about six months, many spiritual incidents brought me closer to God in this very special place. On this particular day I was walking along the Riverwalk in N.Little Rock not ...

My Experience With The Spirit on 2012-04-27

Until several years ago, I thought my life was useless. I did not seem to have much interest in many things. I began to understand why by the spiritual encounter I had. I have always had strange experiences that cannot be explained. I thought it was simply a stress induced awakening of my brains hid...

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Date: 2012-04-27
I will tell you I have had similar experiences, not with Angels but three episodes of great powerful vibrations. The vibrations were unimaginable and left me quite aware of a presence much more empowering than anything I had ever felt. The power of three is all encompassing, it will guide you, correct you, and protect you. I believe God is telling you something, I had a dream (vision) with a wave of strange looking whitish, watery tiles once. I warned someone who was also in the dream when I woke up, but they did not see the significance of it, maybe it means something to you? There also was a man with an evil smile on his (scruffy,bearded) face looking at me as if he knew something I didn't. Maybe this helps?
Date: 2012-04-27
Let me just say that my experience was so over powering and identical to yours in many ways. Not only do I believe it to be the Holy Spirit but I Know you will be comforted further in the future. The Lord our God has given you a piece of the puzzle we are all a part of. You will see the good Lord when you are ready, for now He will let you feel a portion of His Spirit. God bless you and remember this, everything in sets of three! Ask why!, that is what will help comfort you when ever you need it to. Look around and you will see what it is God is showing you, please do this and you will know what great comfort God has given me. Love from: A.M.
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