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One Small Step For The Ego, One Giant Leap In Awareness on 2008-08-06

After watching Rhonda Brynes The Secret, I underwent a profound spiritual experience which changed my life completely. I suddenly realized this world we believe in is exactly that, A BELIEF... The "secret" opened my third eye and allowed me to see the unseen. Reflecting back now, I could describe...

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It's amazing to hear stories like this one that makes you realize how life is hardly lived in the moment. People spend there entire lives thinking about the past or anticipating the future. Missing the absolute perfection of now. I catch my thoughts drifting too, but at least I'm aware of it. Wish you well on your spiritual journey.
Thank you for response. To answer your first question, Some how I was able to manipulate energies via affirmations. Day by day my awareness grow stronger. And according to Dr. David Hawkins, power and consciousness are one in the same. With power I was able to redirect peoples actions. For Instance, I told an officer to get back in his car and he obliged and drove away. I don't think he had any recollection of it. It seem everyone was controlled by a energy field that escaped their awareness but I was free of it. But at the same time I thought they were aware it. (Hence, the attack on the officers). I hope I clarified it a little bit. Now, what do you mean by intellectual,etc.?
Wow! I'm a believer. And I'm pretty sure you can do it at will. Desire and dedication are all that's needed.
God bless you, as he has me.
It's not the destination of your journey that's important, what's important is that your on one. I strongly recommend reading Dr. David R. Hawkins work. It will clarify some of your questions.
God bless you, as he has me.
Date: 2008-07-06
Being lost is an impossibility in reality. Location is a point in perception from an observer. Time and space exist only in the mind. You are perfect were your at every moment of now. There is no out there, is all in here.
Date: 2008-07-06
The Buddha said we are the sum total of our thoughts. You are what you think you are. Stay positive friend.
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