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Lester "Smitty" Smith Jr.
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United States
Smitty's pictureI am a spirit enlightened being. Born encaul with spirit awareness of our journey on earth. Here to assist others on their journey as we experence a life of lessons that shift the energy values from low to high and establish a heavenly consciousness on earth.
My gift to man kind is to let all know that we have choices and don't have to live in man's developed conditions (Laws) to survive. We are spirit first and can use a path of spirit principals that assist us through man's conditions while manifesting a more positive reality.
I know God as the spirit energy that has created everything, seen and unseen. Everything is of this energy and exist for a purpose. In God there is know limitations and all is possible. I am also known as, God's Journeyman.
I am the author of the book, Living In Flow Motion, which is about my spiritual experiences as a youth, and will be releasing a new book soon about my latest experiences.

The spirits in the picture represent the spirit energy that teach and guides me on my journey. I love using the spirit principals of life.
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A Divine Experience on 2012-03-17

I remember having many experiences in my first 20 years of my life, but none got my attention as much as the one I am going to talk about. So that you may understand a little more about me, I was born with a veil or caul and this I was told was a sign that I had the awareness of spirits around me. B...

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