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I love God, my wife, art, music, pretty women, motorcycles and Tiger Woods.
I live in western Canada. I am getting'old' too fast, but am glad to have heard that God is "never old".
I am not just a little nervous about the state of the planet, and thank God my time here is limited.
I have some pictures to paint before leaving. I hope.
Best to you all.
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Good Shepherd, Lost Sheep on 2008-06-16

I was twenty years old, and had given up on everything but sex and drugs. A few months before my "experience" I felt like praying to God, but did not, because I thought I would have to knock on doors and share some Biblical message. I was using scores of "diet pills" (amphetamines) every day. Someti...

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Hi Tina- In order to be honest about that experience, I have to tell it the way it was. You are most severely mistaken if you imagine that Jesus does not help people when they need it. I needed it. The fact that I had used diet pills extensively during that time does not immobilize Jesus Christ! Your assumptions are common and no one but Jesus can assure you that this incident occured just as I described it- though words do not convey the unforgettable beauty of it. I assure you, it was indeed a most Spiritual experience. If you are so close to Jesus as to be able to say what you have said, you could ask Him and hear the truth about this.
Hi Freespirit- In recent times I seldom allow myself to use the words 'die' or 'dead'. It's a hard habit to break, and things will go on if I forget! But the notion that I am a body, and that you are too, is that idea which allows for this idea of "death". I am not a body. A lightbulb that is not turned on is like a body. When the bulb is turned on, it is like a person, alive. When the bulb breaks, there are no pieces of light shattered onto the floor. Life is not touched by the frictions of this world. It seems to be, because we are fixed in erroneous ideas of so many things. No one is "dead" nor ever has been, as far as I am concerned.
Date: 2008-06-21
Hi David. Things are intense where you are. I don't personally agree with Dahlia. I have had many Christian experiences, of pleasant and unpleasant kinds. I have experienced Jesus, and frankly, I think you would do well to remain in touch with Jesus, His Peace- and God- first and foremost. Your well-being is no small thing to Jesus. Consider this: if He can, and does, show up to you, He can show up to others. He showed up for me. You and I have observed and appreciated His Being. It was time for us. How can you change those whom Jesus himself cannot? Jesus knows people will eventually desire His grace and good company- and that of their God. But He weeps for them today, it seems. I believe that you can share your wisdom, share your truth- but make SURE that is what you are sharing. If you simply extend the 'gospel'as so many others are doing, would you agree that that is repetitive? Share from YOUR experiences. Share from YOUR knowledge. Share from your Love. Have you considered getting out of that environment, when you are free to do so- when you are able?! Your Jewish friend was right about the haircut and the barber! Take Jesus with you, but always be aware that if Jesus Himself cannot fish people out of the mire today, (because they like it there, for now!) what are the chances of your succeeding?! Don't cast your pearls to the pigs, but share with those who can appreciate them! You can be sure that if you allow Jesus to get you free and clear of post-drug 'mania' that He will find ways for both of you to accomplish good/great things! Allow yourself the peace that Jesus can offer, first. Save the world when it ASKS to be saved!
From another David.
And to say that someone was "just" a Prophet is the oddist thing I will ever hear. There are many people who resent the way Christians seek to represent Jesus as the exclusive " Son of God". My Jesus is not at all exclusive- He is utterly Inclusive, and so is His God. Still, to say that someone is "only" or "just" a Prophet shows marked disrespect and ignorance of Prophets. Prophets are doing God's work, as far as I can tell. It is God's place to Know "how Divine" they are. Any real Prophet of God is good enough for me!
Date: 2008-06-21
It seems to me that your 'Angel' or guardian- your radiant friend- is aware that your life is something worth living and completing. Although it has been sometimes awfully hard for you, you have come to a precious appreciation that we are not alone! Many people believe we can be "alone" but they are mistaken. I am glad you have recalled the first experience. I was 26 before I remembered the 'man in the basement' experience I had. It's funny how these miraculous events can be hidden for so long, but their truth, I believe, insures their eventual recollection.
Date: 2008-06-21
Hallelujah!I can think of nothing better to say. How we bump into God varies from person to person, but thank God, we do! I am truly happy for you. Many people claim to suffer from the absence of "proof". I would recommend that they simply talk to It, He/She, but I know they will not. Seems to me that if someone will not treat God like 'It' is Real, they have no business expecting a demonstration!
Thank you for sharing this with us, Anonymous Georgian. I bet you haven't seen the last of God!
I think it is wonderful that you know Who to be grateful for, to in this kind of a situation, and that you know well enough that God will be with you throughout your operation. I know the teaching about Jesus paying a price for other's sins, and do not believe it because it makes no sense at all to me! But God's love is always true, and that's what counts! May your operation go perfectly well.
Date: 2008-06-21
When I was reading your story, I was thinking that deep inside of you is the 'knowing-ness' of the One-ness. It may be in us all. I think so. But in you, it is trying to 'happen' or to be known as such- to be known as you and by you- because it is the case- because it is so. We are all One, not physically like some 'jam' made of so many forms, but, well: first there is One, and then it becomes the many, and then I, or you, as an apparent 'part' Thereof, get the Urge to Remember! It was obvious to you that you were your friend, and that she was you. That obviousness dissipated, but this does not mean that it is not true... Just that it would have been socially "inappropriate" for you to go around telling everyone that they are you and that you are they, so, until you understand more, you were relieved of that awareness. This is what I think is true, but I am not positive.
Date: 2008-06-21
Thank you Lupiebin. What a precious account of what really is going on! God bless you- thank you!
In God's great creation, God never ceases to Be or Be Aware. I do NOT believe that those who believe in possession are possessed by something other than their beliefs. If I believe I am a car, I will make car noises. It is possibble to believe oneself to be a car. A lady who lived down the hall from us used to hear cars tell her to kill people! At a time like that she obviously 'believed' that cars could talk, think and communicate. Believing does not make it so. Those who believe that, in God's creation, a "devil" exists who can mess with people's lives, minds etc. Are sadly misinformed, and often use the Bible to justify their awful fearing. If I thought I was possessed for wanting to die, and assumed that such thinking was somehow "bad" or unholy, then I must also believe that death does not have a part in the Divine Design of Life. But passing on, or moving on, does indeed have a part to play, and God absolutely understands that humans sometimes, if not often, desire "death", thinking that it would fix things. So, where does some possessing demon or devil fit into this picture? Only by believing that God allows foolish or hostile elements to run free and without constraint, can we be convinced of "possession", and we might then experience a seeming of "possession".
If you want to think possession is real, you may of course. I do not, but fear gives 'credence' to things unreal all the time- when we insist on it. Why should I fear- I am a project of God. I am part of God, now, as always.
Be not afraid.
Thank you, Freespirit for sharing this with us. It sounds true enough to me. I hear you expressing some of the typical doubts, but essentially, you hare convinced of these incidents as real. I have had people suggest to me that I manufactured stuff out of desperation and need. A friend of mine confided to me a story that rings very similarly. Cheryl volunteered to baby-sit so that her Mom and Dad could go out together one night. That night there was a bad car accident, and Cheryl's Mom 'passed on'. The next night at bedtime, Cheryl could see by her bedroom door, her Mom, and she was told by her Mom that it was NOT her fault that she had 'died'. I have NO doubt that this was all very real, or true for Cheryl, and despite her 'gutsy' demeanor, usually, she was just full of tears in sharing this account. I have read from a couple of sources that " communications with 'the dead'" are either non-existent or forbidden. Some of these sources are really ominous and seem so genuine, but I cannot accept this part of their 'teaching', at all. The apparently bonafide accounts of such posthumous communications (of which I am aware) are never frivolous, although they may be joyous. There are too many 'teachings' that present life as an ordeal of awakening or transcendence-none of which makes the least bit of sense to me. If life is such a "trial", no incentive exists to rise higher within it. But it is love itself that is my standard for "spirituality", and your tale wreaks of such love. So I thank you for it, and appreciate your Mother's devotion to her beloved ones- you and yours. Remember, she is with you, and not just in your heart. The appearances of separation seem less and less like truth to me. If God says " We are all One" that's good enough for me. And besides, I have experienced this as a truth - the realest thing I have ever experienced! I don't know why you repeatedly say that your Mother has 'died'. Does not seem like it to me!
Hi pinkbabe63.
I remember reading that Jesus has said (in a contemporary transcript of some of his thoughts), that it's not so much that people have been "mislead" in life, but rather, that they have not been 'lead' at all. In other words, that they have lacked for guidance.
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