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God Said He Loves Me on 2012-02-14

Dear friends here is something very important to me. Some years ago while studying the bible, I found to how the Jewish people had gone through hard times and how they went through hell in the second war. I was so upset by this that on the way to work I felt their pain and I cried hard. That nigh...

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Hi and Thanks scarlett2 for your interest in my God inspired book, hope you find it.

Foundations I am very happy that you have achieved an honour as you have done in poem. I pray you do very well with your book, and it feels great that someone else understands how the hands just go mad on the key board with no control, the thoughts just keep coming.

I also enjoyed your poem straight from the heart and soul. Thank you. ❤ ❤
Thanks for replies KATHLEEN and DAVID (I made it upper case so you don't miss it)
Lovely poem Kath, and nice to know you have a book being published. Not to take the wind from your sails, but I had one launched last year. The Looking Angel under Gerard Cec.
I was just the writer and could hardly keep up with my thoughts.
I know there are answers to many serious questions, that was my inspiration.
Any way David I asked if it were disfunctional because nothing happened for some days.
Have a great day 😊 ❤ Gerry
Hi Foundation, it was on this site under the heading:
Look to God and feel the heat...

Is this site disfunctional, I sent a story over a week ago and nothing as yet.
Hi to Foundation and Naturalscience. I have sent you a message in the other page will you respond? ❤ ❤ ❤
Testing this page seeing if it's still in action
I repeat testing
Hello optimystic1111 =4 April
1:11 1st November 2012
444 = 12 = 3
555 = 15 = 6
If you minus 555 from 444 = 111 = 3
On the third of April there is something you must be cautious of.
On the first of November you are seeing a change which will be big or small depending on what you do with April.
Take care you are reached out and now do what your intuition tells you, and remember there are no such thing as coincidents. Gerry ❤
Hello I have read your story and noticed nobody has replied, I feel sad for you when you need answers.
Many people at the moment are being self aware, this is due to the changing factors worldly. We are now in a new transition and this is called the awakening.
Over the course of history we have gone through many, the last is commercial or the give me give me attitude.

The self awareness is about spiritual understanding, a few will change with it, and many will die for lack of spiritual understanding.
Many are lead astray thinking they are on the right track, they talk to dead people which is wrong by God.
The true followers of Christ will only here His voice and not of demons. What I am saying is scriptual.
If you need more on this check out my email.
Love Gerry
Naturalscience, I have never heard of St Veronica who did this action.
The only ones I have known was a man who carried the cross for a little distance for Christ, and a woman that wiped the face of Christ.
Can you direct me to a genuine article about her?

Thanks ❤
Hello my egotistical friends. Here is my view to, "what is ego".
Without ego we do not move forward but become stagnated.
So ego is good in this sense, but bad in the sense we feel we are better than them.
Ego gives us the need to compete and improve, this is good for progress.
But when the ego is bigger than us and it rules, we become blinded and have less feelings for others.
This is the simplicity of it.
Dear friends and Foundations, if you are refering to what I believe God to be, man or woman. I have found that because people don't know what He looks like, they try and envisage him with some form or other. These are to what you may have heard. He is light, He is in everything and atom, He is in us all. Some give him an appearance with white hair. Here is the truth to who God is. Most say that we are connected, yet don't really believe it. Here is the mystery of God, (hopefully my story will be published here soon) Imagine the water in the oceans, every drop is seperate but together they make one. We are the same, we are individual but are one. We are connected with thought. These thought waves are universal and in every square inch, but they go in one direction, to the centre, and that centre is God. God has no form but is thought, we are thought. With out thought we are non existant. Thought comes first, then action follows. Love, Gerry ❤
Dear NaturalScience, many try to put a figure to God and many want to put a sex to HIM. Here is a mystery that many women do not like to hear.
Man, meaning male was made in their image, (heavenly) woman (female) was made in the image of man, hence (WO or FE) in male. God has no gender, but woman comes from man and not man from woman. God also argued that their is no queen of heaven, meaning female, hence, then he is masculine.
The idea of God being only man distraughts many woman, it shouldn't, when we stop fighting and appreciate one another all will go better for us. 😉
end of spiritual article