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Blinding White Light Behind Me on 2012-02-10

When I was younger I often went to church and always felt a connection to God, the Universe, as well as nature. When I was 12 I woke in the night. The only bathroom in our house was downstairs and there were no windows in the hallway, I had to go down to reach the stairs to go to the first floor. As...

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Thank you for all the comments and feedback-I greatly appreciate them all. I do filter what I talk about with others because I know it might sound out there to some. The other day, on Presidents day, I went hiking. As I was crossing the bridge I noticed that someone had stuck decals to one of the signs reading 1:11. As I was returning from my hike to go home I opened my phone to see what time it was, and what do you know, it was 1:11. Synchronicity I guess. 😊
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