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My name is Hurit Nitika. You can call me Hurit. I am God's child. My purpose is to bring seekers into the Light should they call out to be saved from the Valley of the Shadows. We are in the Great Crossroads and we will continue to gather here until it is time to travel together into the New Day. The spirit tugs at your heart because it does not want to be left behind, and I ask of you, if there is one time in your life that you would trust your SELF, let it be that you know you need to save your soul in order to dwell in God's kingdom forever and ever. After all, isn't this what you've been asking for all your life? Do not allow worldly pride, anger and hate keep you from your blessing.

Matthew 7:7 "Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you."

In third World:
My passions and my purpose. My passion is walking victims of domestic violence to safety and help them stay safe and violence-free with implementation of long-term preventive services. My second passion is preparing foster girls for their exit out of foster care living and their entry into living independently as adults. Preparation tools include apartment shopping, financial competency, understanding of budgeting, paying required bills, and maintaining employment to be able to sustain themselves in the greater community independently. My third passion is in providing charity of clothing, school materials, and gifts to sheltered children.

My purpose is to bring love, light, understanding and clarity to all my fellow sisters and to stir their minds into action for their awakening so that they can begin living their own purposes.

My personal drive is what inspired the creation of "Full Circle Women's Coalition"; founded by women banded together to address the needs of women and girls' in underserved communities. Members provide mentoring, motivational counseling, domestic violence counseling, discussion groups, informational workshops, charitable events and activities. We also provide women and girls' empowerment and wellness self-management guidance. With purpose and commitment, all of these services encourage personal and professional growth and promotes independence for every individual we serve.

I enjoy nature, being with my children, reading, bowling, and a whole lot of other things!

I'm working on my M.S. In Licensed Mental Health Counseling and I currently volunteer for three human service organizations until I find employment or resources to build my dress-making business.
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The Busride on 2012-02-17

For the last week I've been on edge near tears and sometimes crying soft or weeping deeply. I am becoming aware of people's light and darkness and it pains me when those I thought to be my friends are revealed to me. My happiest moments are watching light in children. Yesterday I was so focused in m...

I Was Born Yesterday on 2012-01-22

Corinthians 14:37 If anybody thinks he is a prophet or spiritually gifted, let him acknowledge that what I am writing to you is the Lord's command. (If any man think himself to be a prophet, etc. - He who is really a spiritual man, under the influence of the Spirit of God, and capable of teaching th...

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Date: 2012-04-12
Hello Kathleen,

Thank you for your kind words. Sometimes we don't know why these special things happen to us. I kept asking aloud as I continue to receive gifts of service. Sometimes it's travailing prayer, seeing a person's Light, feeling emotions, etc.

I stopped asking because the answer simply is the actions of God working through me, whoever he needs to address. He does leads me to "tools" I need to grow in my purposes and have awareness of what it is that he does for me and through me for others.

I really do love the Christ growing in me as I grow in him and I really do love God for everything and every reason I exist. Service is not without its dark moments and even then I call out Jesus's name to rescue me. Amen

Blessings and Love for you Kathleen.
Date: 2012-02-13
Hello Anneke8,

I have been trying to address this issue with my friend every since. He usually changes the subject. I will continue to work at getting him to talk about his account of what happened from his view. I'm not so sure what he claims now but he has been avoiding me, brushing me off "nicely". I hope I can answer your questions someday, sooner than later.

In love,
Date: 2012-02-13
Hello Foundations,

Thank you much for your kind words.

In love
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