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Entities Entering My Body While Meditating on 2012-01-16

I started meditating way too much a couple of years ago. My body started rocking, the spinning. I don't know why but I would think of different sounds to make and to go to the mirror at times. Then, my surroundings would seem no longer solid. I would see different faces, each different colors, overl...

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Date: 2012-01-16
I was looking for others this was happening to. I am in San Diego. When I was meditating excessively, I had a number of experiences and have things jumoing in and out of my body. It's hard to explain to people without seeming crazy. The people who seem to understand want me to harness it like a talent but it is tormenting me. I found a shaman. She sealed my field and it stopped and only worked for 2 days. I am going back tomorrow. She is not charging me now since it is so difficult. I have found temporary help but nothing permanent. I had to stop meditating, praying, anything that opens me up more. Davinaenid [at]
When I was meditating excessively, this started happening to me. I have seen people channeling that do it. I don't really pretend to know what it is. I do know that I am so open now I am seeing a shaman to close my field constantly since now things? Entities? Are jumping in and out like my body is a playground. I got on this sight to see how others deal with this. I saw your comment and that was how my experiences began. It doesn't mean yours will be the same but be careful what you open up. Davinaenid [at]
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