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I am a beginner and I am lookin forward to be more experienced like you
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Trying To Astral Project on 2012-01-16

Today I had my first OBE, but I don't know if it was real or not. It was like I could feel my astral come out of my physical, but I wasn't completely sleep. I was aware that I was laying down and had my eyes closed, but I could feel my astral lifting out of my body, but I couldn't see threw it. But ...

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Hey, I am also 15 and just of yesterday started researching about astral projection... My reason for wanting to astral project is so I can meet my deciesed grandparents, because they died before I had a chance too. A couple of hours ago I was trying to astral project but I could only feel the vibrations and a little bit of movin out of my body, but I was sleeping faced down and I was wondering if you anyone else that reads this know if that had anything to do wit me not being able to project.
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