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Enlightenment is only as good as what u do with it.
Just meditating on it is relaxing and one can get lost in nothingness, but we must act and act know.
Equity For All is my motto and All For Equity.
Level the playing field and see who finishes first,second,third etc because all are important don't worry about the result. Have fun and fun with a purpose and that purpose is to learn - learn something, anything, just keep learning and re learning.
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Implosion on 2011-11-23

It had been a 4 hour driving trip and I was tired. We got to the hotel which was a 1 hour drive in the forest - no lights and hardly any vision because it was raining hard. My three other friends wanted to go to town and party. After a shower and shave we headed out. We got to town about an hour ...

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