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Love Is LOL on 2011-11-07

JIMMY JOE: God, what is love? What is it that ticks these clocks of magnificent ambition? Do we really need not but mystery in this life? I assure you; the mere fragrance through love's nostrils should invoke my pursuit of this entire body. BRUSSELTROUT: Fear not for your idea of love. I know th...

Realization Of God on 2011-10-30

This is a conversation I had with myself. I am not "religiously christian" by definition but understand and communicate with what is considered a god to many. I have many, many more conversations and this is only one of them... If you can relate to me and further define my experiences please help me...

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Date: 2011-11-07
Thank you very much for your time. You have allowed me to feel accepted - OK!:D I will continue writing:)
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