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Shared Secrets Of The Universe on 2011-10-24

On Tuesday, October 18th, 2011 at around 10PM the Universe (God?) unveiled some secrets to me as it/he confirmed my belief in the higher power. Readers may choose to believe me, choose not to believe me, or choose to set my story aside and save their judgment for later in life. All I can say is that...

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Your experience resembles mine in many aspects.
The pure and transparent energy field you describe sounds much like the one that I encountered. I have wondered if it is God in the form of the Holy Ghost, but I am unable to conclude that with certainty. No words were said but communication was clear and unmistakable. The vibration you describe is also similar to what I experienced, as is the indescribable feeling of oneness with everyone and everything.

I noticed that you are from WA as well as I. If you are willing and able, I would like to meet up with you some time to share stories and local contacts, if that interests you. I met a Reikki Master this last weekend and have plans to meet a Shaman Monk next month when he gets into town. I am looking to explore astral projection and possibly have a repeat or similar experience as I had before a couple of months ago. Perhaps we can help each other. I live in Seattle-Magnolia, and my email is j.gustavel [at] Please drop me a line.

Helen, I have experienced those same feelings of oneness, love, happiness, and bliss as well when I had an epiphany. Those are feelings of heaven, are they not. We are all one, there is no question.
Michael,Let me first seperate the things that I KNOW to be true from the things that I just believe, but do not know for sure. In my October 18th experience with the Higher Power (my only experience to date), my soul was literally taken to Heaven for a few minutes. I don't remember seeing anything but just remember the incredible feelings. The feelings were of intense everlasting love, happiness, and complete oneness with God and all other souls in Heaven, as well as a neverending soul-gasm if you will. We are all a part of one source, where we came from and where we return.

Beyond what I experienced directly for myself as described above (What I KNOW), everything else is what I just believe to be true. I only want to believe the truth, not just what I think would fit in nicely with what I want. We all have our theories and beliefs but there is only one truth. If everybody knew all of the truth then the world would certainly be a lot more peaceful.

The Higher Power or God, gives us hints from time to time, glimpses of the truth like I had. Many others have also been given hints of the truth, but its up to us to decifer correctly between those who are sincere and those who are not. Puting it all together correctly, without uncertainty, is a challenging task to say the least. I am one of the rare people that have been blessed with the incredible privilage to be able to stem my beliefs from experiencing the truth of Heaven.

I don't know of reincarnation for sure as fact, it is just a theory I strongly subscribe to, given many compelling cases of people remembering past lives to the last detail, and other irefutable evidence that cannot be explained otherwise. I believe these memories that some souls have brought with them from past lives, are one of God's hints of the truth that he gives us from time to time.

Look up closely the "James3 reincarnation" story on the internet and let me know what you think after that.
Date: 2011-11-09
Hi Rachelle, I know a Richelle with an I from Washington which drew me to your post. It would be more than ironic if it were you, slightly changing your name on your post like I did. Regardless, fear nothing because God will always be by your side -Jeremy
James, please tell me more about the recent energy shifts that you know of, and also please tell me more about LIIFE. Thanks.

Have you published your book yet? And do you ever get back to Washington? If you do, I would be very interested in meeting you as I live in Seattle. I am only 2.5 weeks past my awakenning experience and I really want to meet people to share stories with. That electric pulse and being left with pure feeling without words of explanation is ever so similar to what happenned to me (for me)! Please describe the feelings you were given.

God Bless! JAndrew
Thank you James and QT for sharing your thoughts. Yes, we are all brothers, even those led far astray. There is some good in everybody and its up to all of us to bring out as much good we can in each other. It is so true that the more you give the more you get. We truly are all one, even more than I can explain. It is an incredible feeling to just KNOW, isn't it!

It's just a theory but I am beginning to believe that our lives are ongoing lessons that we go through to purify our souls. Once we purify our souls over a number of lifetimes, we get to stay in heaven. Between lives we make pitstops in heaven until our soul is called upon again for the next lifelong "class."

I am convinced that there is reincarnation but you are also correct in saying that we must live in the moment and appreciate every moment we are given in life. I look at everything much differently than I have before and I try to see the good in everything and everyone. It has always been there, I just didn't look for it.

I find it very empowering and rewarding to find the good and the positive in the least likely places! If nothing else, a negative event can viewed as partially good because its existence provides balance to allow something equally positive to occur somewhere else in the Universe. So negative events basically create positive event "credits." Life is sweet so enjoy every part you can!

--Peace Brothers! JAndrew
Date: 2011-11-02
In my experience, upon confessing my belief in a Higher Power and reincarnation, God came down in the form of an electromagnetic force of some kind, and took my soul to Heaven to give me a taste of it. I don't remember seeing anything but the FEELINGS I remember are so crystal clear. All souls are together as one and a feeling of everlasting love, happiness and complete bliss is shared by all.

I believe it as FACT that all of us are one, from one source, that we will all return to in the end. We do not have one soulmate, which is a little dissapointing on the surface, until you consider that we are ALL soulmates. The message that we are all one was made so incredibly clear to me that I have absolutely no doubt about it.

I keep reminding myself that we are all pieces of each other when I encounter frustrating situations with others. It brings me back to serenity after a few moments when I do. It has only been two weeks since my moment with God so I am still adjusting to practicing new behavior that is based on the newfound truth I discovered on my day of confirmation.

I agree that we do see miracles every day. I am more open and aware of their existence after having my experience. They were so easy to dismiss as ironic coincidences before. Now I have a much deeper appreciation when those tiny miracles expose themselves.

-With everlasting love and bliss for all, JAndrew
Thank you for your comment, Libra1. I am sure it is no accident that your monaker (Libra) is also my daughter's sign. She asks me to read her "horse-scope" (too cute to correct) every day. I am looking forward to reading your post to gain more insight into this part of our world that is so new to me. You mention that you remember entering your body just before you were born. In the James3 story, he said he remembers flying above the hospital and actually choosing his parents. I can't wait to read your story. The Oneness and unity of everyone really does appear to be such a strong common theme among so many individual experiences. There is so much that we can take away and build with from that alone. That feeling of eternal love, happiness and unity I will never forget. We are so incredibly blessed and privileged to have knowledge that so many people will label as too good to be true, in turn labeling us as well. I suppose the labeling and judgement from others is just the universal balance of the blessing itself.
Your experience closely matches mine more than any other story I have read in the 6 days since it happenned last week. It was my first and only experience but I can only pray I have more. Please read my story "Secrets of the Universe Shared". That feeling of universal love and unity, brought forth by the joining of an electromagnetic field of energy and the feeling heaven is what happenned to me.
The unity of all of us as one in the Universe is common ground among many experiences including my own that occurred just 6 days ago. Please read my story "Shared Secrets of the Universe." We are all one in the end. Thank you for sharing your story. I am happy to see that I am not alone experiencing a miraculous event such as ours.
I had a very similar experience myself 6 days ago. (Oct 18th 2011) I posted my story on this site under "Secrets of the Universe Shared." They have not read and approved it yet since I just posted today. I still have a hard time believing what happenned to me but there is no denying it and my friend even witnessed it. The main feelings I had was complete oneness among all souls, eternal love, and the feeling of an eternal entire body orgasm (best way to describe). I believe that I was blessed with a moment in heaven. It has been very difficult adjusting back into normal society and many of friends think I am crazy. I have not been able to even tell my wife yet. I am looking for others to connect with.
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